It is important to choose right foundation for your skin. Usually we use cosmetics recommended by friends or just because of its brand name. But while selecting your foundation you should consider everything about your skin which may not apply to others. So, You need to have that right information of the basics to get a flawless makeup look. Here are some great tips to let you choose correct foundation for your skin.

Tips To Let You Choose Right Foundation For Your Skin

1. Consider Your Skin Tone

It is essential to know your Skin Tone for selecting the right foundation. Your tone can be either warm, cool or neutral. If you have warm-toned skin type, that is with the hints of yellow or orange, go for the one with the word warm in the product label. Cool-tones are more fair-skinned with the hints of red and pink and you should look for the word cool on the label. Neutral skin types are somewhere in the middle and can go for any of the two, perhaps depending on the season.


2.Match Your Color

You must consider your color while selecting your foundation. The one common mistake everyone makes is trying and testing it on their hand. Since hand tends to be slightly darker than your face you can probably end up choosing wrong foundation. Instead, swipe a bit onto your collarbone,which is a closer color match. The foundation should blend into your skin with no visible line between your face and neck. When in doubt, you can opt for a slightly darker shade rather than going for lighter one.

3. Check Your Skin Type

Considering skin type is indeed very important. For women with oily skin type, you should avoid Oil-based foundations and stick to wet/dry mattifying powders that are on the thick side.

If your skin is dry, opt an oil-based liquid foundation with emollients such as glycerin, lanolin, or ceramides. These moisturizing ingredients will keep your skin looking soft and supple.

Combination skin types generally have an oily T-zone. Apply a moisturizing cream foundation along the outer part of your face, then blend it in toward your nose. Finish with a dusting of a translucent powder over your nose and forehead. It will set the cream and prevent it from forming any creases.


4. Choose According Your Age

Most women use same foundation for years which is not good. Older skin should not opt for a matte finish because the foundation can settle into fine lines, making them more prominent. A satin or dewy finish will create a youthful glow, while a matte finish looks great on younger skin.

5. The Amount of Coverage You Desire

The coverage you want from your foundation is important. If you want light coverage, go for a BB cream or a thin foundation with light to build-able coverage. Select medium to full coverage if you want to conceal everything or if you have acne and unevenness.