Are you planning a tropical beach vacation to get away from the bitter cold? These vacation nail designs will inspire your picture-perfect-vacation pedicure!

Nail art’s always been a serious game. Dating back to 3200 B.C., ancient Babylonian soldiers would paint their nails green and black before going into battle. The hope was that their war-painted nails would evoke fear from their enemies.

While we might not be using our fingernails to scare off our enemies anymore, we still use nail art today to create all sorts of other feelings. By combining different colors and shades, you can create nails that evoke, cheer, serenity, and more. But these are useless if our nails will easily break. Luckily, there are nail strengtheners nowadays you can buy online. If you don’t know how to use nail strengthener, Beauty Garde can help you with that.

Vacation nail designs are especially great if you want to get your mind off the cold winter days. Whether you imagine yourself floating in the ocean, hanging out with a mermaid, or watching the sunset on the sandy beach, there’s a vacation nail design out there for you.

Read on to learn about 4 of the best tropical nail styles.

Vacation Nail Designs

There’s something about vacations that inspire individuals everywhere, to go bold, when it comes to their nail designs. As you check out all of our vacation nail designs, keep in mind what type of look will suit your personality. Here are a few questions you can ask to help you pick a design that’s perfect for you:

  • Do you have any texture preferences?
  • What are your favorite tropical colors
  • What type of jewelry do you wear most?
  • How long are your nails?

Thinking about the type of nail designs you already like will make it easier to find new ones that have similar features. You should also consider what colored jewelry you typically enjoy wearing. If your go-to jewelry pieces are silver, then gold nails could create a great contrast.

1. Under the Sea Nail Styles

If you want to bring the ocean vibes to your fingertips, you’ll need to start by creating the water. Start by choosing a pure blue nail polish that you can use on each of your fingernails. blue teal nail polish.

Iridescent Versus Glitter

It’s best if the blue polish you decide on has subtle iridescent particles. The subtle particles will work together to create the illusion of a shimmery ocean bottom. We suggest you avoid using blue polishes that have large pieces of glitter in them since the glitter can interfere with the tropical designs you’ll be putting on some of your nails.

Styling Your Nails

Once the blue nail polish completely dries, you’re ready to start adding in your designs. Go ahead and choose a couple of nails that you’ll put fish-like scales on by using a nail stamping plate, or freehanding them yourself. The black scales will contrast well with the pure blue nail polish.

Mermaids and Sea Turtles

Next, complete your under-the-sea style by adding a mermaid design to one nail, on one of your hands. It’s best if you only add designs to 1-3 of your fingers on each hand. The combination of designed nails, and solid blue nails, will work together to create a spectacular ocean-like illusion.

2. Pastel Tropical Nails

You probably don’t think of pastel colors as being tropical, but when you contrast them with stunning bright shades, they can infuse any design with a dash of paradise. Here are some of the ways you can pair pastel colors with bright shades:

  • Pastel peach with bright canary yellow
  • Pastel pink with bright tangerine orange
  • Pastel Lavender with bright yellow
  • Pastel Blue with bright fire engine red
  • Pastel Mint green with bright yellow and orange

You can mix and match the pastels and bright shades, to get the perfect blend that works for you. After choosing your pastel-bright color combinations, go ahead and see what type of tropical designs you’d like to use as a finishing touch. A palm tree design, or sea-turtle, are the perfect way to complete your look.

3. Glamourous Pineapple

One of our favorite vacation nail designs is the glamorous pineapple. Here’s everything you’ll need to pull off this look:

  • Pastel Blue Polish
  • Glittery Gold Polish
  • Pineapple Stamp
  • Black Polish
  • Green Polish

First, all of your nails will need a layer of the pastel blue nail polish. Next, put you’re a slender line of gold, about 1 cm up, from the base of your nail, for both the middle and pinky finger.

Now, you can use the pineapple stamp, and paint in the gold part of the pineapple. Once the gold of the pineapple’s done, you can add in the contrasting black lines across the fruit, and green leaves on top.

4. Beach Colors for Under-Nail Art

To get vacation nail designs that are both unique, and trendy, consider getting under-nail art. For under-nail art, you or the vegan nail salon, will apply 2 different colors to your nails. The contrasting hue will create a fun and chic look, by making the color on the top of your nails pop even more.

Here are a few of the best color combinations for under-nail art options:

  • Turquoise on top, ocean blue on the bottom
  • Sunset gold on top, brilliant silver on the bottom
  • Paradise pink on top, sandy white on the bottom

Keep in mind that if you want to pull off under nail art, you’ll first need to make sure your nails are long enough. One of your colors will go on the top of your nails, and a contrasting color goes on the underside of your nails. Now, no matter what way you turn your hands, your beautiful long nails will have color on them.

Use 2 Shades on Top

If you want to take things a step further, consider having 2 complimentary shades on the top, and 1 color to contrast on the under-nail. For example, you can choose 2 different shades of pink for your top nail, and a gentle white color to contrast on the under-nail.

Love Your Look

Remember, when it comes to choosing vacation nail designs, it’s all about finding the designs that speak to you. Whether you want to express yourself with bright colors, soft pastels, or clever under-nail hues, the choice is completely yours! Are you ready to find more ways to use fashion to embrace your personality?

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