When you look in your closet, a feeling of discontent washes over you. Although your duds are clean, fairly new, and in good repair, they are missing something. You want to give your clothes a personal touch. There are a few things you can do to customize your wardrobe.

Down Size Your Clothes

If you have an old sack dress from the early 2000s or a frock that does not do your legs justice, you can make a shorter skirt. You can cut a dress and hem it in the traditional way or use fusible hem tape. If you do use the tape, be careful. It is permanent and cannot ever be removed.

If you want a 70’s look, you can cut an old pair of jeans with scissors and fray the bottoms.

1. Mark how high up you want the pants to go.
2. Cut the seam lengthwise on both sides to the line you marked.
3. Cut parallel lines upward and make sure to make them even.
4. Wash and dry them.
5. Iron the bottoms.

Make Yourself a T-shirt

Nothing makes a wardrobe your own like a custom-made piece of clothing or two. There are several websites online that will allow you to create your t-shirt or sweatshirt and ship the item out to you when you are done.

You can make a shirt with an image of your favorite pet or relative, or you can draw your own design. Then, all you have to do is upload it to your computer and let the company print it for you.

If you are more of a wordsmith, you can put a clever saying on a shirt, hat, or tote bag. T-shirts with sayings on them have proven to be very popular and even controversial. No one else will have a t-shirt like yours, and it can let people know if you are sarcastic, emotional, or philosophical.

Put Some Embroidery on it

If you are a whiz with a needle, you can add a touch of embroidery to an outfit to make it your own.

According to Printful, a few flowers on the lapel can liven up a plain black blouse. You can also take an old jean jacket and put a picture of your favorite cartoon character on the back.

If you do not have days and days to spend sewing your design or if you simply lack the skills to do it neatly, you can let the online printing company do that as well. The better online printing companies will have advanced sewing machines that embroider your design on an article of clothing, a bag, or a blanket for you.

A high-tech sewing machine can make perfect stitches and make your design look fabulous. It will save you time and let people see the best version of your design. It is less expensive than you might think.

You deserve to have a wardrobe that is as unique as you are. A few simple hacks can make you stand out in a good way and let people know who you are. Who knows, if people like what they see, they may ask you where you got your threads. You may find yourself with a new career.