When choosing an attire for a wedding, you may be confused because you may not know what to wear. Should you dress in line with the theme? Or pick any lovely dress? Since weddings don’t happen every day, many people don’t have fancy pieces on their wardrobe to suit the ceremony. Therefore, you can purchase wedding guest dresses on numerous retail stores online and get something to grace the day in style.
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When you attend weddings, you will notice many guests in casual, semi-formal and others in elegant dresses. But are there attire rules you have to follow as a guest?

Let us find out the rules and tips you can follow when picking a wedding guest attire:

Avoid Wearing White

As a guest, wearing white at a wedding is a big fashion disaster. Since the bride is in a white gown, you might steal the attention away from her, which is a big blunder. Let the bride enjoy her day in peace without worrying about whether her guests will wear white dresses. Moreover, other guests might think you are competing with the bride. Whatever dress you are planning to purchase for a wedding, do not pick white. 

Don’t Outshine the Bride

Ladies love weddings because it is an opportunity to buy a pretty dress and showcase their fashion sense. Be careful not to go extreme in your quest to look elegant during the wedding. Avoid outshining the bride with colorful, screaming pieces or prom dresses that will shift focus towards your attire.  

Carry Flat Shoes or Sandals

Wearing a pair of designer high heels to weddings is quite stylish until you start feeling like your feet are on fire in the evening. Having an eventful day in heels and still wearing them at the after-party is unreasonable. Therefore, carry a pair of sandals or flat shoes and give your feet a break while enjoying the party in comfort. Pre-plan the day and ensure you have alternatives when you can’t handle the pressure of high heels.

Don’t Wear Black

Another subtle rule when attending weddings is to avoid wearing black attires. Weddings are exciting and bright, unlike funerals. Therefore, bring out your bubbly personality in a vibrant dress that reflects a happy day, unless you have a way to brighten black dresses, avoid them completely. Summer weddings are the best for wearing bold prints in exciting colors.

Avoid Jeans

As clear as it may seem, many people still attend weddings in jeans. It is unacceptable to dress in jeans to a wedding unless it is part of the dressing code, which is improbable. Jeans are casual wear that does not blend in a wedding setting. Apart from making you uncomfortable in a crowd of dressed-up individuals, you will feel out of place. Therefore, invest in a nice outfit that will make you feel confident and smart while celebrating an important day.

Avoid Wearing Theme Colors

Though it is not a sin to wear attire with a touch of the wedding theme color, it is not recommended. Other guests might mistake you as part of the bridal team, and you are not. Therefore, find out the color palette before you go out shopping for a dress. If you have to wear the theme colors, make it soft shades that will not be similar to the couple’s color.

Avoid Skimpy Attires 

Weddings are for families and friends who gather to celebrate a special day. So if you come wearing a skimpy, revealing dress, you might send out a wrong signal and embarrass yourself. Don’t wear a scandalously short dress or one showing half your bust. It is a wrong move that will shock the other guests because you will draw too much attention. To avoid all these, ensure you wear modest attire that suits the event.

Invest in Accessories

Weddings can eat up into your budget, especially if they are in succession. Therefore, it is wise to invest beforehand and avoid spending money any time you receive an invitation. Purchase several versatile dresses and timeless accessories. For instance, you can buy fancy handbags, shoes, sun hats, statement necklaces, and other pieces of jewelry. Investing once in these items will save you endless trips to the wedding guest dresses section every year.

Understanding the right type of attire to wear at a wedding is important because you will fit in among the crowd of well-dressed guests. Consider the above rules and attend any wedding with elegance and style. If you are wondering what you will wear, visit online stores selling wedding guest dresses and have your pick.