Most fashions reflect social, economic, and political events and societal preferences. These trends are usually derived from a purpose or an emulation of an organization or support of such organizations. One of the organizations mostly emulated by fashion is the military. 

This has led to the development of the most famous military fashion apparel, the army t-shirt. They are one of the most versatile and flexible fashion wear suitable for women and men and can perfectly pair with other outfits. 

As their popularity rises, the fashion trend around them is also expanding. Initially, they were perfect for denim jeans and shorts; however, that is fast changing as people become more creative about wearing them. 

In the past, they were intended for events such as attending military parades and showing patriotism, but now they are a part of everyday fashion hence the need to learn how to pair them with other outfits. Let’s explore how to pair army t-shirts with other outfits for everyday fashion needs. 

1. Perfect Hat and Glasses

Do not forget to buy other complementary apparel when shopping for the perfect army t-shirts for any occasion. You can select different t-shirts of your preferred designs, branded or plain colors. Besides the shirts, you need a pair of aviator glasses and a cool military hat to match the fashion. 

When you buy customized or branded army shirts, match them with a perfect baseball hat. For this combination, consider some shades, especially when attending outdoor events such as horserace or watching baseball and other weekend games. 

This combo is also perfect for showing patriotism to the military or branding yourself, especially if you have a logo on both. Moreover, the combo works for both men and women. The baseball hat and perfect glasses will be ideal for staying low-key in a crowd without recognition. This combo is critical for looking simple and blending in when attending parties. 

Another fashion choice is military shirts paired with mesh back hats. This suits people in certain professions, such as trucking or sports. For this combination, the best type of glasses should be normal glasses, i.e., prescription or clear glasses. 

This is perfect for casual wear when going to the office or during the summer. It can also be the ideal wear when going for outdoor adventures like hiking with friends. 

2. The Perfect Footwear

Usually, the type of belt or trousers you put on will determine the footwear you put on. However, when putting on army shirts, you can put on different types of shoes. Select the perfect shoes based on the T-shirt’s color.

You can perfectly match them with sneakers, boots, sandals, and open shoes. The perfect boots are military boots; they can be brown, black, or other colors depending on your preferences. Your boots should not be similar to military shirts, i.e., wear black boots when wearing brown shirts. For women, you can pair them with knee-high black boots or try out white boots to stand out in the crowd. 

The sneaker colors can also be limited to mainly white and black. These two colors can perfectly blend with different types of military shirts of different colors. They are perfect for weekend events such as birthday parties and hanging out with friends. You can also wear them for events such as attending concerts. This can also be perfect for Friday as you end your packed week. 

3. The Trouser Selection

Military shorts give you many choices when selecting the perfect trouser to match your fashion. Still, you can put them on with black or blue jeans trousers; however, you can try other options. One of the options is to try them out with khaki trousers. 

This can work for both genders and with different khaki trouser colors depending on the army t-shirt color. You can pair them with skinny khaki or jeans, depending on your ideal choice.

The best trouser selection for a workout is sweatpants, perfect for gyms and other wellness programs. You can match them with the appropriate jacket and sports shoes to ensure uniformity when jogging. You can also prefer the sweat suit and sports shoes combo for evening relaxation or hanging out at the bar. It is ideal for looking simple and blending into the crow without attracting much attention. 

Another option is to wear them with cargo pants, one of the preferred choices. If you work in an organization like private security, cargo pants can perfectly match military shirts. In that case, you can rely on cargo pants to emulate the military style, especially when paired with military black, khaki, or brown boots. 

The combo of cargo pants, military boots, and an army shirt is stunning and outstanding, making you look bolder yet cooler in the crowd. If you love contemporary looks and fashion, cargo pants perfectly pair with army t-shirts and military black or brown boots.

4. Pairing with Jackets

Army t-shirts blend well with denim-colored jackets and branded and non-branded jackets. This can be an ideal and perfect fashion style for evening dates. For a perfect look, wear khaki trousers, glasses, and sneakers to match the denim jacket.

You can wear T-shirts and denim jackets for casual occasions or office visits.  It is also a perfect fashion for night concerts or clubs. A cropped jacket will be ideal for women, especially when wearing shorts and some nice boots. 

Another alternative is an oversized trench coat of different colors depending on the shirt color. If you wear a white military shirt, consider army green trench coats or black ones. You need the perfect and matching shades or aviator glasses for the trench coats. Select one that resembles the trench coat, i.e., when putting on green trench coats, consider green shades for a perfect match. 


Army shirts are versatile; hence you can creatively pair them with different outfits for different events and fashion styles. When selecting the ideal fashion style, consider the colors that blend to meet your fashion goals. Ensure everything, including the footwear, belt, shirt, jacket, glasses, and hats, perfectly match.