If there’s one bag that can get the title of “the ultimate tote bag”, it’s the Neverfull PM canvas tote bag. It’s a bag that has transcended time and generations. People of all ages enjoy the “never full-ness” of the bag itself and have made this one of the most popular bags that have ever existed. 

However, with the insane popularity of this bag comes a question. “Is it really worth the money? Or is the whole thing just hype?” That’s exactly what we’re going to be addressing. 

In this post, we’ll be doing a complete rundown on everything you need to know about the Louis Vuitton neverfull PM bag so you can figure out if this might be the next bag you get for yourself!

Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM — An Overview 

The Neverfull monogram bag first came out in 2007, which is ancient if you think about it in today’s terms, where things come in style and go within weeks. So from the get-go, it’s super surprising that the bag has held up as long as it has. However, when you take a closer look at it, you’ll understand why it’s made it this far. It’s because it’s been designed to be the perfect bag for literally everyone. 

The “never full-ness” of the bag comes from its size. It comes in three sizes, but the one we’re reviewing is L 29 x H 22 x W 13 cm which is the smallest of the neverfulls, but still very large for a tote bag. It comes with a little pochette which can be removed and used as a wristlet for all your super important cards and papers if needed. There are also four D-rings inside the bag, so you can attach longer straps to it if you want to as well! 

When you take a closer look at it, you’ll start to really admire the build quality. It’s built in a way where every little stitch matters. Nothing has been added without a reason. You can really put this type of bag to the test and it would hold up well every single time. That is also a testament to why this bag ended up being as popular as it did, and why it’s still going strong! 

The overall look of the Neverfull monogram is a classic. It’s got the brown Louis Vuitton monogram running all the way around the entire bag, with the straps being the point of contrast. The neutrality of the bag allows the user to wear it with any type of outfit they want, making it acceptable to wear this bag in pretty much every situation! 

Mini — In Use

What good is a bag that’s not really great in use? Well, that’s not something the neverfull has to worry about in the slightest, though, because this bag is amazing in use. We all know the struggle of trying to close our bags even if we’re just de-cluttered and barely have anything in there. This bag solves that problem entirely because there’s pretty much nothing that you can’t fit in here! The zipper compartment on the side is great for storing your cash and cards in, the pochette can hold everything else, and the rest of the bag is yours to fill (or never-fill)!

When we put this bag to the test, we were able to put in pounds upon pounds of stuff in there and still had space to go! One of the best ways to use this, though, is definitely to use lots of little sectioning bags and toss them in. Or, use an insert that goes in to keep all of your stuff separated. Although the way this bag is designed, you can still toss everything freestyle, and it’ll all stay in there without a problem! 

A feature that’s often a problem is present in this bag, the no zipper; however, they’ve created a solution here that still makes it super easy to use it anyway! That is by installing the hook in the center. You can easily hook this on even if you’ve got a lot of stuff in here, and it’ll just hug all of your belongings and keep them all safe and sound, even if you swing the bag around a lot! 

This also means that not only is this a bag for people that want to wear it for casual use, but also for those that want to take it to college! It’s more than equipped to hold a thin laptop and other school supplies without much of a problem at all. The sturdiness of it comes back here as well because it can be full of all of your important supplies and the straps are still so strong that you can easily count on it to make it through the day no fret! 

The strap that’s originally meant to hold the pochette, isn’t just for the pochette though. If you want, you can hook your keys, wallet, or even identification cards on there and they’ll always be easily accessible whenever you need them. No more having to dig through the purse to find the little things, they’ll all be easily accessible for you. 

Overall, the neverfull monogram has been a joy to use and has proven that it’s actually worthy of being on top of the list of the best bags Louis Vuitton has ever made!

Neverfull PM  — The Ultimate Tote Bag

One of the best things about the Neverfull PM is that it’s truly a bag that was meant to be used. That isn’t really something you can say about all luxury bags because some of them are just to be seen and admired, but this one passes every use test you could put it through! It’s not made cheaply; some serious thought has gone into designing the whole thing as well as humanly possible. With that, it has become a bag that anyone can wear, at any time, on any occasion, and with any type of outfit! With SehaBags, you, too, can get your hands on this beauty without having to pay full price for it!