Distressed clothes have been in trend for decades. It surpasses the bell-bottomed pants of the 70s, fishnet stockings and legwarmers of the 80s, baggy pants in the early 90s, and multi-pocket cargo pants of the late 90s to the 2000s. Once a symbol of poverty to youthful rebellion, ripped jeans have been a working-class staple. 

The durability of denim fabric made this style stand the test of time. Whether the sentimental value of the pair or being in a rock band, it is trendy and makes you look down to earth. You can wear it daily, and it requires low maintenance if you know how to take care of them.

The durability of denim fabric made this style stand the test of time. Whether the sentimental value of the pair or being in a rock band, it is trendy and makes you look down to earth. You can wear it daily, and it is low maintenance if you know how to take care of them.

Why is it trendy? How did it all start?

Distressed fashion started in 1970 as a symbol of rebellion against the system. But ripped jeans were once associated with the less fortunate who were unable to purchase a new pair. Fast-forward to 1980 to the 90s. From punk rock to pop stars, artists were wearing ripped jeans. 

Now you don’t have to wait for years to own your distressed symbol of rebellion; you can buy it in retail stores. You can even purchase wholesale ripped jeans from manufacturers. Readily available, there is a fine line to be a hippie hipster without being a post-apocalyptic adventurer. Let us find out how we can be stylish with our ripped jeans.

How to be Stylish with Your Ripped Jeans

Rockstars and hipsters like the style of ripped jeans since no two pairs are alike. Every ripped jeans are unique in personality. It is the rip or the fade that gives the character and decides how it fits the wearer. So how would other clothes complement your ripped jeans? Here are some options to consider.


Your ripped jeans can be your casual bottom for all seasons, and you can pair them with jackets, coats, cardigans, or simply a plain t-shirt. Options for top may vary with the weather or occasion. You can even use it for any retro-themed parties and relive the past decades. It can go with blazers with shoulder pads or leather jackets for an 80s vibe. You can wear flannel shirts with a beanie for a grunge style:

  • Pair with windbreakers and long coats for windy days
  • Match with sleeveless blouse and off-shoulder top for hot days

Stay away from heavily padded jackets or overly distressed clothes to avoid the look from a post-apocalyptic movie.

Hairstyle and Headwear

Ripped jeans are casual wear, so keeping your hair as you like is ok; you can keep it down on a ponytail, braid it or color it. Make sure you go for a casual grunge rockstar look, not someone out of the Thunderdome. 

Have a cap or a bonnet to keep your hair from the sun and wind. Sunglasses and eyewear are also a good addition. Keep it simple; you can have thick frames, plastic or metal ones, for style or prescription, protection from the sun, or hide your intention. But stay out of anything bulky and keep it simple.


Casual footwear is an excellent pair with these rebellious pants. Try sneakers, canvas, and rubber for a walk or stroll, or go for leather boots if you feel like a rockstar. Wear heels to be stylish or flats for comfort. 

Jeans are very versatile in footwear and will go well with even flip flops or sandals. High cut, or low cut, sliders or laces, synthetic or natural materials, ripped jeans always look good. Simplicity is the key. Avoid shoes that are not comfortable to wear and ensure that your jeans are not hanging or touching the ground to keep them clean and away from unwanted damage.

How to Take Care of Ripped Jeans

Now, let us discuss taking care of them. Ripped jeans sacrifice some durability for style. It means you can’t treat them like your new denim. It is delicate and needs some special attention.

A little effort can give more mileage to your jeans. If you are confident with what you wear, you feel positive about yourself. Now here are some things you need to know on how to take care of your ripped jeans.

Stay Away from Stains

Ripped jeans, like any clothes, are prone to stains. Having sacrificed a little durability for the style, it needs special care when taking out stains. Stay away from any stains that would cause color transfer and even ruin its look. 

Avoid wine stains, paints, or dyes; avoid having stains on your ripped jeans, especially faded ones, and keep them in excellent and rugged condition. On the other hand, if you accidentally leave stains on your ripped jeans, vinegar is a much milder way to remove it. 

Stains may limit the time you can wear your ripped jeans. But if it is a happy accident that the stain somehow improves the look, it is all up to you.

How and When to Wash Your Ripped Jeans

Now your ripped jeans need some washing. But unlike brand new denim that can handle the spin and tumble of machine washing, strong detergents, and bleaching, ripped jeans are more delicate. Always read and follow the guide before you wash. 

It is recommended to implement hand-wash because of its delicate nature. Don’t bleach it because it will weaken the fabric, then it may not just be ripped but falling apart. The advantage is that you don’t need to wash it frequently. 

As long as it does not get soiled or stained, you can wear it for days to a week without washing it. The longer it hangs, the easier it is to be worn. 



Reinforcing your ripped jeans is essential to making them last. From stitching some critical areas to patching some, a little effort will go a long way. Preventing unnecessary ripping and maintaining the faded look when available is essential to make the most out of your ripped jeans.

Faded but Timeless

For decades, ripped jeans as casual wear for daily affairs have been with us, once being associated with poverty but becoming a symbol of rebellion and the working class later. It goes in and out of style, but it will always be here to stay. As long as individuals feel attached to this iconic apparel, they will do what it takes to reinvent it, no matter how faded or worn out. As long as it fits, it is still in style.