Fashion critics identified several features of fashion. It is bright and original but at the same time very comfortable. The designers decided to bet on practicality. Women’s clothing is made of quality materials, with the use of functional decor: laces, decorative zippers, patch pockets, wide belts, etc.

The peculiarity of fashion summer trends in clothes is bold combinations and a free choice of stylistic solutions. There is no such girl who is indifferent to fashion. A lot of students prefer to ask custom writers “Do my essay for me cheap” while reading fashion magazines and thinking about how to save money and buy some trendy clothes.

The healthy way of life and sport are being promoted more and more actively. The designers did not stay away. Therefore, fashionable clothing  is endowed with a free cut. It does not fetter movements and is incredibly comfortable to wear. Especially popular is the pajamas style, which can be successfully applied to both dresses and trouser suits. Do you want to learn more about the fashion tendencies in spring-summer? Then check out the most original ideas for your wardrobe.

Eclecticism Is at the Peak of Popularity

Eclecticism is very popular again, which means that this spring’s women of fashion will wear colorful dresses that combine several prints at once. How to do it competently to look stylish? You should create a base from the classic motive. Things with such motives as spots, chequered, the strip, especially in a calm color scheme, are combined with any other prints. In this case, the classical image will act as the basis. A vivid summer trends example of a universal mix: a vest that matches decisively with everything, or a blouse in polka dots.

You can also use the same prints of different sizes. Create a stylish image with the help of a combination of identical but different prints. This technique works fine for floral and graphic prints. In the first case, combine things in a small and large flower. Keep in mind that one of the motives should be more restrained in the color scheme: it will emphasize the dynamics of the partner motive. A combination of various geometric ornaments will help create an original set in the style of op-art. In this case, the use of bright colors is allowed.

synced patterns


vibrant colora and pattern with white

black and white with patterns

Want to create a bright noticeable image? Then give preference to the contrast of prints! Together, classical motifs look good, for example, spots and strip, and the same prints, but contrasting shades. Be sure: the white top, the black bottom, too, can be original if you turn to similar color combinations of prints. You can even combine incompatible motives. The main thing is to mix prints with one common shade or in a single style. But at the same time choose motives of different sizes, so that they complement each other.

In the Style of Chanel: How to Wear Newfangled Plastic?

Who would have thought that in the assortment of such a brand as Chanel, there will be raincoats, shoes, and panamas made of the transparent material resembling thin plastic? But it happened, that’s why it’s time for us to get out of the traditional fashion habits and wear not only tweed but also plastic things. However, unlike the tweed, plastic is a treacherous material, which is not too casual. Clothes made of these materials can play a cruel joke with your stylish image.

If you don’t want this to happen, it is important to take into account some points. In general, the trend for plastic outerwear was born in the autumn-winter season 2017-2018. Trenches covered with a transparent shell, introduced by Calvin Klein, and Prada offered to wear plastic. After the spring-summer trends show of Chanel mass-market-brands massively rushed to produce raincoats.

Chanel-Spring-2018-Collection 1

Chanel spring 2018 collection 3

Chanel spring 2018 collection 4

Chanel summer-spring collection

When choosing clothes from such material, it is important to pay attention to the degree of its ventilation. A raincoat or a plastic trench coat must not be airtight. Usually, for the convenience of wearing such clothing, special openings are applied to such outer clothing, for example, in the area of the armpits.

Denim Clothing Is in Trend Again

If the last season you bought jeans with embroidery, then this spring you can safely wear them again. Decorations, applications, and prints (both floral and abstract) also became fashionable. It is important to know that for such a bright bottom it is worth choosing a more calm and neutral top. Forget about skinny-jeans and give preference to wider models, for example, boyfriends, moms or overlooks.

jeans summer trends


denim culottes summer trends


Besides jeans, there are many other summer trends denim pieces of clothes you should include in your wardrobe:

  • Skirts: Skirt pencil and a skirt-bell made of dense denim will be no less in demand. It is desirable that the model is flared and not of the shortest length. Skirts can also imitate torn edges. They may not be decorated with anything. This option is also relevant, regardless of the season. The high waist is popular.
  • Shirts: Denim shirts and jackets look best in light shades. Tight models can be safely removed. Get a model of a man’s cut. Such a shirt will completely replace the cardigan, and it can be worn over a tight dress.

Denim jacket summer trends

  • Dresses: Dresses from denim should be chosen without abundant decorations. In this case, the style should also be as simple as possible. Dresses in linen and pajamas summer trends styles are popular for the second season, and it is not surprising that they are also sewn from denim. The classic and winning option will be a set of such dresses and t-shirts or turtlenecks.


denim shirt dress summer trends

  • Costumes: In the spring, outfits, completely consisting of denim, become fashionable. With fashion jeans and a jacket, it’s best to combine a white T-shirt or a top.

complete denim summer trends


Picking up a spring wardrobe and looking for novelties in shop windows, remember about a lot of important things – color scale, actual silhouettes, leading trends, bright accessories, the correspondence of all this magnificence to your own style. But the peculiarity of this season is that it is necessary to think about what to wear with, as it is of colossal importance for the proper choice of one’s own image today. Moreover, the correct ratio of ingredients will give you an opportunity to look fashionable and stylish at much lower costs and efforts.