Sneakers are fun and comfy! But just plain sneakers are so boring. If you also have one of those then you can give your pair of sneakers easy and stylish makeover. All you have to do is use your creativity to paint those Sneakers. Well, this is not only easy but also a very affordable way of giving your sneakers a beautiful look. As all that you need  is some fabric colors or sharpies and a bit artistry for those hand painted  sneakers. That’s it! And if you are worrying about what to paint then you don’t have to, because  here we have picked some crazy hand painted sneakers designs to inspire your shoe makeover project.


1. The easiest – Cat face painted on shoes.

cat painted on shoes - hand painted sneakers


2. Colorful kick – Stick some tape randomly and play with some cool colors in the left out blocks.

awesome colorful hand painted sneakers


3. Cute rainbow sprinkle shoes – All you need to DIY this pair of sneakers is some colorful sharpies or permanent marker!

cute rainbow sprinkle shoes - hand painted sneakers


4. Mickey and Minnie mouse painted on shoes.

Mickey and minie mouse hand painted sneakers


If  you ain’t that good at drawing, then go for only faces. That is the one below!

5. Mickey and Minnie faces painted on shoes.

Mickey and minnie faces painted on shoes - Hand painted sneakers


6. Hand painted sneakers with notebook paper design.

notebook paper design on shoes - hand painted sneakers


7. Perfect for summers – Pineapple design painted shoes.

Pineapple painted shoes - Hand painted sneakers


You can get the complete tutorial at Flamingo Toes.

8. If not pineapples, go for watermelon shoes!

Watermelon shoes


You can also try different fruits of your choice.

9. Show some creativity – Try a random design on your shoes.

Random design painted on shoes


10. More hand painted DIY sneakers.

more hand painted sneakers - DIY shoes

Hope you have liked these funky designs. You can also try one of these – a dandelion, a cute couple, a castle or musical notes.

Please let us know in the comment box about the design you would want to try.