Your fiancé wants nothing but the best from you. When it comes to the best of the best in gemstones, there is only one gem which will do.

Diamonds are forever, but that’s only one of the countless reasons why they make better engagement rings than any other stone. Only found in the deepest of mines, their rarity and their beauty are unrivalled. If you want to pay appropriate tributes to the love of your life, second best is never quite good enough. Keep reading to find out why diamonds are the number 1 ring for engagements

The 10 Reasons Diamonds Are a Must-Have for Engagement Rings

Choosing a diamond engagement ring is never an easy task. You need their ring size, which we can’t help you with. You also need to invest as much as possible on a high quality stone. This article from Diamond Dealers Direct can help you make a good choice in diamond. Meantime, here are all the other reasons that a diamond is the only crystal worthy of your lover’s ring. 

1. The Longevity

A diamond will last your partner’s whole life. In fact, after they die, the stone will keep being a stone. The majority of diamonds formed down in the earth’s crust over millennia. They would still be down there now if it weren’t for gem miners. If you give your fiancé a diamond ring, they will have a diamond ring to pass down to your children. It is probable that the metal will wear out before the stone does.

2. The Great ROI

Diamonds have excellent return on your investment. If they decide not to marry you and toss that ring back in your face, you should get your money back easily. Likewise if you stay married for years and eventually divorce, the ring could give you enough to start out all over again. 

3. The Symbolism 

Diamonds are symbolic of love because they represent the eternal bond marriage is. However, they are also carry symbolism based on their hardiness. The perfection of the carbon atoms means these are unbreakable and giving a diamond engagement ring speaks of unbreakable bonds. 

4. The Appeal

Do you know a single person who would turn down a diamond? Nobody in their right mind would say no to a gem like that. This makes it your best chance possible for wedding success… especially if you think there’s a chance they might refuse.

5. The Durability

The all-round hardiness of the diamond is potentially the largest reason why we give them as a symbol of undying love. It is the stone that tops the Mohs hardness scale. Although scientists say they have found minerals harder than the diamond, almost all of these minerals either come from space or from a lab. Diamonds represent the perfect alignment of atoms to the extent that the only way to smash one is using another diamond. This is symbolic of the durability of love. 

6. The Beauty

Let’s not discount the overall beauty of a diamond, either. Love is beautiful and it requires the most beautiful precious gemstone to capture that. Diamonds are undoubtedly the most beautiful of all the rocks on earth. There is nobody in the world who would object to wearing it on their finger. For most people, nobody has ever gifted them a diamond before. It is a once in a lifetime or twice in a lifetime experience for most people. If you do not buy your partner a diamond for an engagement ring, they might never have anyone buy them a diamond ever. The weight of that will be on your shoulders until you rectify the situation.

7. The Potential to Show Off

Everyone loves the ability to show off their new engagement ring. However, your partner is far more likely to put pictures of a diamond ring on social media than they are to put pictures of Cubic Zirconia. People want to be proud of your love – to show it off. 

8. The Perfection

No matter what cut your diamond is, which colour or how cloudy – it is always perfect. This represents the clarity that comes with true love. Those carbon atoms must be perfectly aligned to produce a diamond. Any relationship must have a perfectly aligned firm foundation or it should not expect to last. You can also use their perfection as a symbol of how perfect you see your partner to be. 

9. The Clarity

Gemmologists grade diamonds based on their colour, their clarity, their cut, and their colour. Black and blue diamonds exist but are far less sought after because it is impossible to tell how clear they are. Similarly, champagne coloured diamonds are popular, but still no match for a truly clear diamond. The clearer the piece, the less stormy the relationship will be… or so the legends say.

10. Diamonds go with Every Outfit

Lastly but by no means least, your fiancé will thank you for a clear gem faster than they will thank you for a coloured one. Why? Because a clear gem on a sterling silver band makes for a ring that is completely neutral. No matter which outfit they match it to, it is going to be the centrepiece and star attraction. Diamonds are forever, yes, but they are also for every outfit.

Can You Propose Using Other Gemstone Rings?

Just because diamonds are the favourite doesn’t mean to say you cannot use other gemstone rings to propose. For example, sapphires are a firm favourite for those who like the colour blue. However, other gemstones don’t have the same association with weddings. They don’t have the almost mythical superiority of a diamond. They also don’t come with the same preconceived notions about hardiness, longevity, and clarity. Still, there is no reason why you can’t have a sapphire and diamond ring for your engagement. Another popular choice is matching the clarity of a diamond with the deep red of rubies or garnets, adding to the symbolism of eternal love.