This year’s style scene knows one thing and one thing only: pearl jewelry. Timeless, elegant, and versatile, pearls are all the rage right now when it comes to cool street outfits or breathtaking formal attire. In case you feel reluctant in giving pearls a try, let us remind you that contemporary pearl jewelry and styling have nothing to do with what you know about your grandma’s pearls. You can take granny’s necklace and give it a spin this summer.

Here are 20 ways to wear pearl jewelry to stand out of the crowd!

1. Loose Pearls on Your Office Dress

One of the best ways to style up an outfit and wear pearl jewelry this summer is to apply loose natural pearls on your favorite office dress. Do not stop at white pearls when you check out the offers, as you have plenty of organic gems to spark your creativity. Get loose pearls in pink, peach, lavender, gold, black or silver to embellish and style up a shirt, a denim jacket, and even your favorite pair of strappy sandals. Loose pearls will take you everywhere if you apply them on certain clothes for a disruptive, contemporary contrasting flair.


2. The Oversized Statement Necklace with Flirty Summer Dress

A statement necklace is a must-have for all seasons, but this summer, oversized natural pearl necklaces in modern, massive designs are absolute head-turners. You will see such chunky pearl necklaces in a mix of gold, silver, or stainless steel chains and montages, perfect for you to wear them with a fancy summer dress or a fitted black business suit.


3. Natural Pearls Cocktail Ring with Fancy Cocktail Dress

A cocktail ring (or a costume ring) is sometimes the only piece of pearl jewelry to wear to look fabulous this summer, even if you prefer the casual-chic style or the urban-devil-may-care one.


4. Black and White Pearl Bracelet with Strapless Outfit

A strapless cocktail dress or a fancy club outfit works best with a two-tone pearl bracelet in black and white (in metal montage) and a pair of drop pearl earrings to complete your fabulous look.


5. The Stack-Everything Style with Classic White T-Shirts

You may think that if you stack pearls together with a multitude of necklaces with beads, rhinestones, metals, strings, and other similar accessories, the pearls will lose their shine. On the contrary, if you mix pearls with a bunch of other necklaces, pendants, and bead strings, the pearls will lend their shine to the other accessories you wear, making you stand out of the crowd in a demure, yet unforgettable manner.


6. The Stack-Everything Style but with Bracelets and Black Dresses

Whenever you want to draw attention, make a statement or look fabulous, stack some bracelets and add a natural pearl bracelet (or more) to the mix. The pearls’ natural shine will offer the entire ensemble a refined, feminine look.


7. Pearls and Leather Bracelets with Casual Black Outfits

The leather is a bit on the raw, rough, and wild side of fashion, while pearls are a symbol of purity and femininity. Mix them – as stacked bracelets for the easiest casual and street-smart outfit – and go out there to conquer the world. Of course, if you feel edgy this summer, you can adorn your black rugged leather jacket with loose white pearls on the collar to make a memorable impression everywhere you go.


8. The Forever-Young Black Pearl Necklace with Jeans

A fun night out with your guy or girls requires a pair of skinny jeans, a contrasting top, and your favorite heels. But how about adding a black fedora, a princess-style Tahitian black pearl necklace, and a matching bracelet? Don’t you look like you have descended from the cover of a stylish magazine? Remember that this year, pearls, jeans, and hats are a staple of style.


9. The Disconnected Pearl Jewelry Set with Evening Gown

You need to wear your coolest, fanciest, and royal attitude to pull this style off, but we are certain you can do it. The disconnected pearl jewelry set usually consists in a necklace – a gorgeous Tahitian in green luster in this case – and a pair of earrings whose pearls match in size and design but do not match in color (a Tahitian and a white pearl in this case). The look is jaw-dropping, especially if you wear it at formal events, with an updo to highlight the earrings and a generous cleavage to let the Tahitian pearl necklace shine.


10. The Chanel-Style Oversized Pearls Set with Maxi Summer Dress

We do have to thank Chanel for bringing the old pearls back and giving them a fascinating twist and edge. The idea is to wear the larger range of pearls in unique colors and shades while displaying modern, minimalist, yet fabulous designs. In other words, a gold chain with a large pearl medallion, matching shoulder-length earrings work with any dress for any occasion.


11. The Gothic Seductress Pearl Bracelets with Strapless Outfits

Speaking of breathtaking designs, imagine wearing a strapless black dress and one of these massive, chunky gothic bracelets, one on each wrist. These pieces of jewelry combine natural pearls, silk ribbons, metal chains, and even other semi-precious gems. The effect is almost indescribable, especially if you attend a formal event.


12. Cougar-Style Stacked Pearl Necklaces with Animal Prints

Do you what is better than a pearl necklace? More pearl necklaces in various lengths and sizes, matching a metal-and-pearl necklace wrapper around your wrist, a chunky ring, an animal print outfit, a pair of hot sunglasses, and a cougar attitude for your next business meeting.


13. The Massive Statement Colored Pearls Necklace with Off-Shoulder and Strapless Dresses

A colored massive pearl statement necklace is probably one of the best (and hottest) investments you can make in the jewelry department. As we said, pearls are not only white, as you know from your aunt, but they come in a myriad of gorgeous nuances, from peach to lavender, and from gold to chocolate. Pick one in precious metal, and you have a statement accessory to fit all your strapless and fancy dresses and shirts this summer.


14. The Baroque Pearl Set with Summer Strappy Dress

Did we mention pearls are not only white, and not only round? If not, let us emphasize on the beauty and versatility of pearls once again. Baroque pearls are the misfits of the family. They do not come in classic shapes (sphere, tear, or button), but in amazingly disrupting forms and nuances. A baroque pearl set with necklace, statement ring, and earrings is a lifetime investment and precious possession. Given its wild look, a baroque pearl set will style up any casual summer outfit and complete a refined formal attire in seconds.


15. Silver Pearls with the Little Black Dress

Silver pearls are rare, exquisite, exclusivist and precious enough so that celebrities and royalty seek them and wear them with reverence. Such pearls are usually larger than other types of pearls you find on the market. Little black dress and silver pearls? Oh, yes, please!


16. Bohemian Pearl Head Piece with Slouchy Boho Outfits

For some women, summer comes with a bohemian flair they need to embrace. For this reason, if you want to express the nomad in your heart and your dreamer attitude, go for a pearl headpiece you can match to your body art and loose, white, see-through summer outfit.

16-pearl-head piece

17. Walk like a Celebrity Necklace with any Fancy Attire

Back in the day, diamonds used to be a girl’s best friends. While nobody puts diamonds in the corner, we have to admit that certain pearls make diamonds look even better. And some celebrities are here to prove that golden South Sea pearls are just what your designer celebrity-inspired diamond necklace needed to be complete.


18. The Sexy Retro Style with Pearls and Polka Dots

Pearls bring the best of both worlds of the golden age of glamour and modern days of sweet elegance. For this reason, whenever you feel retro at heart, bring out those stilettos of yours, the pearl choker, the pearl drop earrings and the polka dot dress for a hot night out!


19. White on White Rope Pearl Necklace with Jeans and Top

Do you remember our white jeans fashion presentation? Great! You can style up any white-jeans based outfit with a rope pearl necklace for a distinctive and memorable look. Rope necklaces are quite long, so you can use them to create the illusion of stacked necklaces around your neck or build a fabulous and eccentric bracelet up to your elbow.


20. The Pearl Belt for Beach Parties and Summer Jeans

Who says you cannot wear pearls at a beach party? Get your jeans, your favorite top, and your rope pearl necklace together and have some fun after sunset this summer. Make sure you do not break or lose the necklace because it would be a shame. Body jewelry is on trends these years, and a pearl necklace with a pair of tiny beach jeans will make you the queen of the party.


We hope you liked our pearl jewelry suggestions for this summer. Remember that pearls are feminine, precious, and versatile and, in comparison to diamonds, they match any outfit and any occasion.