Pearls are fashionable! Pearls are Classic! Pearls are essential chunks one can find in every woman’s collection. They add shine and style to even the simplest of thing than may it be necklace or cuffs or even decor stuff. And if you wanna gift it to someone, hardly will anyone not like it.  So, here we have hand-picked some of the best ideas and tutorials out of pearls that you would definitely love to try out!

1. Pearls And Lace Handcuffs

Looks like an intricate design of Cuffs. But quite easy to make as you already have a design of lace as a base. Other than that what basically you will need is different size and shape pearls depending on the design of your lace, needle and thread to sew and glue to stick and make it durable.

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Lace cuffs

2. Pearl Ring

If you want to try something very simple yet elegant then you must try this wired pearl ring!

pearl ring

3. Fabulous Pearl Collar

Embellished Collar is in trend from quite some time. You can create this stylish collar with only pearls but do add some vintage treasures to create a chic collar!

Embellished Collar

4. Classy Jeweled Cardigan

Collar neck doesn’t go with your style? Not to worry! Try this perfectly classic pearl embellished cardigan.

Pearl embellished Cardigan

5. Beaded Flip Flops

One of the best way to use pearls! Give your style to your simple daily footwear with just 2 basic materials; pearls and ribbon.

flip flops

6. Pearl Shoes

And if you wanna create a masterpiece, what could be better than gracing your pumps with pearls and rhinstones!



7. Pearl Hair Pins

Simple, pretty and easy! Use your pearls to make accessories like hair pins!


8. Beaded Hair Comb

If you are a creative bug, try this beautiful Hair comb. Though you need a little sedulous approach to make one of this kind!

Hair comb

9. Ribbon Pearl Bracelet

This accessory is a simple one, but will definitely enhance and complement any outfit! As you can see this tutorial is for bracelet by extending the ribbon length you can also make a beautiful neckpiece out of it!

ribbon pearl bracellete

10. Centerpiece

Make simple and gorgeous centerpieces to glitz up your space. Below are some very easy and stunning looking centerpieces to give you an idea of using pearls with candles or bottles or vases.

Center Piece

11. Mason Jars

Mason jars have been all the rage for a long time. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to find, entirely practical and yet decorative. Where adding pearls make them bling.

Mason Jars

12. Pearl Clutch

Design your clutch with beads and other ensembles. It’s on you how you use pearls to reflect your style with a swanky clutch or classic one. You may like it fully embellished with pearls and rhinestones or the one half done as below.

Pearl Embellished Clutch

13. A Card

Instantly make and  impress your dear ones with a handmade card, especially when you need it last minute. As you can see, this card needs least efforts but seems so beautiful with just few things!



14. Pearl Encrusted Sunglasses

Why to step out with your regular sunglasses when you can easily design it. So, design your cat eye sunglasses now and flaunt it with style!

You can style them in so many ways. Check it out here.

Interesting Ways To Spruce Up Your Sunglasses 2

15. Bling Phone Case

Phone cases with pearls are one of the coolest DIY you can go for. Use pearls with some rhinsestones and add a piece of studded kitty, a bow,  a panda or whatever you wish to make it a beautiful personalize phone case.

Phone Case

16. Mirror Frame Of Shells And Pearls

Use pearls, stones, shells, beads and other vintage treasure to make an awesome mirror frame!


If you are going to try any of these ideas and tutorials, do let us know which one and also, share with us your finished product 🙂