If you are looking for what to do with those spared laces or doilies that are just too old to fit in you modern decor then this ideas will definitely help you in transforming and giving whole new look to so many things. In fact, you can also use your favorite lace and doilies to imprint on clay and porcelain and make some gorgeous artistic pieces too. So let’s find out what project are you going to take from this DIY lace and doilie upcycle ideas!

1. Bottles and Jars

diy lace

Create this beautiful Bottles and Jars decoratives with white twines and straps from Doilies

2. Candle Votives

diy lace

Cement Candle Votive from Say Yes

 3. Colourful Doily Bowls

diy lace Colourful Doily Bowls

Get complete tutorial of Doily Bowls at Apartment Therapy

4. Elegant Light Wreath

diy lace

Wreath made from Doilies

5. Princess Lace Crowns

diy lace

Glittering Princess Crown tutorial by The Girl Inspired

6. Light through Doily Lamp

Doily Lamp instructions at Instructables


7. Doily Pottery Dishes and Bowls

Doily imprint Dishes tutorial by Sodapop Design

 8. Walk in Style with Laced Heels

9. The Ivory Earrings

Tutorial from Time 4  Splash

10. All Doilie  Table Runner

Table Runner by Ish And Chi

11. Doilie Jar Luminaries

Vintage votives from Craft Gossip

12. DIY Lace print Gift Wrapper

Gift Wrap from Lace by How To Instructions

13. Lace makeover of old Dresser

This makeover tutorial is from Amazing Interior Design


14. Doilie Candle Holder

Candle Holder tutorial from The Excited Bride

15. Doily designs on ceiling through Chandeliers