The bathroom is one of the most important parts of any home. It is a place where you clean yourself after getting dirtied with outside things. The time that people spend there can also be considered as their relaxation time before they start another tiring day. Every person wants to have an ideal bathroom that has all the essentials, comfortable and stylishly decorated with high-end bathroom accessories. If you want your bathroom sink to stand out for something luxurious, chic or trendy, then it’s best if you buy a 30′ stainless steel sink, some modern wall art designs or wallpapers, mirrors, lights and plants to make your bathrooms look more elegant and lively.

During remodeling or working on a new building project, the final items to place are the bathroom furnishings. It’s also where blunders easily happen, leading to significant damage to tile work and other decorations. By adopting the basic criteria and ensuring that each item suits the bathroom arrangement, you can get it right the first time. Victoria Plum will undoubtedly make your bathroom look stylish and modern.

Use blocking before drywall construction in the areas where you will carefully install towel racks, grab bars, and other accessories. This barrier offers a more secure connection than wall studs, ensuring that all attachments are secure and stable.

Now let’s talk about where you should install the bathroom accessories for both security and convenience.

Where to Install Mirrors?

The mirror is considered as the most important accessory of the bath room. It should be hung on one of the main walls in order to provide an enhanced view, especially when you are taking a hot bath or brushing your teeth. If there’s not enough space for hanging the mirror on the wall, then it would be best if you install it above the sink or tub area to get that perfect look for your bathroom.

Based on the kind of mirrors you are working with, they can go at various heights. As a rule of thumb, you should place them about 40 and 45 inches above the floor surface by calculating from the bottom of the mirror.

Mirrors usually center above basins or vanity counters, depending on the bathroom architecture and mirror dimensions. When the public is using a restroom, at least one complete mirror is necessary.

What Is the Ideal Location for Towel Hooks?

One misplaced towel hook can make your bathroom look messy and untidy, that’s why you should always plan the placement of these fixtures before purchasing them.

Taking into consideration that people are drying themselves either with a single or both hands, it is necessary to install one rack on each side of the bathroom entrance door, but below the level of their reach. This will give them easy access so they can readily dry off any body parts after taking a bath or showering.

Towel hooks and other towel accessories must be near the sink and bath fixtures as a basic rule. Bars look best on the bathroom’s most expansive wall, and they should be as long as possible. Towel hooks and robe hooks are more convenient on shorter walls than towel bars.

Towel bars need to be 42 to 48 inches from the floor on average. Hotel towel bars with a top-shelf are typically above the toilet and have 48 inches off the ground. 

Hooks for towels or robes should be 70 inches off the ground, and at least nine inches of a gap should separate consecutive hooks. Towel rings, if available, must be at least 20 inches over the vanity counter.

Where to Put the Cabinets in Your Bathroom?

The cabinets must be spaced apart from each other at a distance of about 24 inches on average. To avoid a crowded look, you should keep the side cabinet doors closed or provide cases that can be hidden in them to store things like medications and personal toiletries.

In case you don’t have enough space for an additional side cabinet but there is some available room on either side of your sink, then this would be the best place to add something useful to organize your bathroom items such as shampoo bottles. In addition, adding a storage bench is also another option where you can put all kinds of supplies.

The standard height for bathroom wall cabinets is 54 inches above the ground. This gives you 18 inches of extra space over a typical 36-inch vanity. Cabinet height varies depending on countertop height or toilet height if there is a cupboard over the toilet. Hence, at least 18 inches of the free area over the vanity is advisable.

How to Place the Toilet Roll Holder?

The toilet paper holder must be installed near the door for greater accessibility. The ideal height is 54 inches above the ground, where one can reach it without having to stretch too much.

Toilet roll holders should also be placed 18 to 24 inches away from the nearest wall because it helps keep the free area clear around the toilet.

The toilet roll holder is easy to position because it does not have to be in a specific location like the other bathroom furnishings. The ideal height for a toilet paper holder is 24 to 28 inches off the ground. However, if feasible, keep the toilet roll at least 8 to 12 inches away from the toilet’s rim.

The Best Place for Soap Dishes and Dispensers

You should keep soap dishes and soap dispensers on the wall partition between your sink and bathtub or shower. If there is no such space, then it can be placed on any other wall in the bathroom.

Another possibility is to install a holder just below your faucet with a ledge for each family member’s use. Also, you can purchase accessories that have a mount for both types of fixtures mentioned above.

Soap dishes should be approximately 44 and 54 inches from the floor surface, out of the way of the shower water. A soap dispenser must be mounted at the height of at least 40 inches, and it can go up to 48 inches. The button on the dispenser should not be higher than 44 inches from the ground.

Overall, the best height for everything in your bathroom is at about 36 inches above the floor. This way, you do not need to put things high up on cabinets and shelves, making it difficult to reach whenever needed.

When planning out the interior of your home, you want optimal comfort and convenience. You might be thinking extra hard about how to arrange stuff so you would always remember where they are rather than having them cluttered around.