The living room is probably the largest area in the home, and it is a space where the whole family sits and spends some quality time together. Whether watching a moving together or celebrating a particular day, it ll happens in the living room. Hence decorating the living room is foremost.

10 Ways to Decorating the Living room with rugs

Decorating without rugs is not a risk worth taking when it is your living room so better buy rugs online. Rugs in living rooms are not just for decoration purposes. And they also make the living area safer and cozier. Go on with the article to get 10 Ideas about the decoration with rugs. 

1. Wall to wall carpeting for living rooms

Decorating Your Living Room with Rugs

Living rooms are the perfect spaces for adding a wall-to-wall carpet. They enhance the ambiance of the living area while giving a touch of comfort. It works as a natural insulator and absorbs sound well. Sometimes wall to wall carpeting hides the damaged or cracked floors under the covering until the next repair.   

2. Layering with Rugs in Living room

Layering means placing another rug on a rug already positioned. Living room rugs can be one of the best décor elements. Whether you have a wall-to-wall carpet or a flat weave area rug, you can always add layers to the floor coverings. Place an oversized carpet in the living room and place another patterned or shaggy living room rug over to get the best out of layering.

3. Custom Rugs for Living room

Here comes the most creative way of adding a rug to the living room: owning a bespoke rug. Custom rugs for living rooms add to the décor with a personal touch. We often have the idea but can’t find a similar rug around. For this, you can visit the MAT Living website, where rug specialists will help you create a unique rug for your living spaces.

4. Rugs on the Wall in the Living room

Decorating Your Living Room with Rugs

One of the best ways of placing living room rugs is by hanging them on the walls. They work as wall arts when placed in the right shape and sizes. By clipping rugs on your living room wall, you can also utilize those small-sized rugs that don’t look pleasant when placed on the floors.

5. A living room rug that matches the surroundings

If you have a Bohemian or a Moroccan-styled living room, go for a neutral living room rug to match the interiors. On the other hand, if you have rustic as your living room theme, choose a red, brown, or rusted living room rug to elevate the aura.

6. Contrasting living room rugs

Decorating Your Living Room with Rugs

For an artistic touch, one can opt for contrasting living room rugs. The basics of contrasting include – placing an area rug that complements the interiors but is not precisely the same color as the furniture and walls.

7. Decorate the Living room around the rug

Decorating Your Living Room with Rugs

People buy living room rugs that match well with the interiors, but sometimes they have to compromise with the designs and patterns to get the perfect match to the décor. 

For a change, place a rug without considering other elements, neither the walls nor the furniture. Then decorate the living room around the one, taking it as the focal point for the embellishments. In other words, instead of buying a rug that complements the décor, renovate it according to the already placed living room rug.

8. A modern living room rug

Living room rugs could be bizarre, and an abstract living room rug is all you need for those modern interiors. If you have a traditional living room, place a well-chosen modern area rug for fusion.

9. A vibrant living room rug

Minimalistic interiors are some of the most soothing ones. Still, always going with the neutrals can be bland. Instead, add some splash of color to the interiors with a vibrant multi-color living room rug. Energize the surroundings with dynamic area rugs in your living room. Whenever guests arrive, the first they see is your living room. Keep it eye-catching by placing a dazzling living room rug.

10. Black and white Rug Combination

Decorating Your Living Room with Rugs

Irrespective of the wall color or the furniture, go for a hair-on-hide rug, famous for its soft and luxurious feel. The original leather used to craft the handmade rugs can add to the liveliness with the natural black and white area rugs.