Customers today have high expectations when staying at a hotel, motel, guest house, or Airbnb. While meeting all their standards is impossible, some interior decor accessories can enhance client experiences and make them want to stay longer or return. Porcelain dishes are a home accessory that can elevate customer experience when staying at your residence. Unlike traditional soap dishes, they are easy to clean and do not retain bacteria. Their hard coat makes them impermeable and more durable.  Furthermore, porcelain soap dishes have numerous designs, colors, and patterns that can match rooms’ interior decor. This post explains five crucial ways porcelain soap dishes can improve guest experience and increase their stay time at a hotel, motel, or guest house.

1. Beautifying the Room

Guests love staying in beautiful accommodation spots. Unlike conventional solid-colored soap dishes, porcelain has numerous patterns and colors from the different clay and pigments used in manufacturing. Their variations allow them to blend into any room decor, furniture, and accessories.

Furthermore, porcelain dishes have numerous designs that can set a specific tone for a setting, depending on the message you want for your guests. An antique porcelain soap dish creates a sophisticated and elegant appearance, whereas more contemporary designs like marble can portray a formal look. Different setting types appeal to varying audiences.

Finally, porcelain has various finishes that elevate room appeal, such as polished, satin, and matte. Polished porcelain soap dishes reflect light, adding brightness to your space, while matte offers a dull yet smooth and subtle textured look.

The aesthetic beauty of porcelain gives guests an overall higher level of comfort and splendor. It makes guests feel pampered, swaying them to stay longer or return.

2. Maintaining Hygienic Standards

Soap dishes made from natural stone can get damaged when they come into contact with large amounts of water. Typically, they require a natural sealant to prevent water from sipping into the surface and creating dump conditions that favor bacteria, mold, and algae growth.

On the other hand, porcelain soap dishes undergo a rigorous manufacturing process and get heated under extreme temperatures. They have a more solid clay material with a denser and impenetrable surface, even when exposed to water for long periods. 

The hard surface also makes them more hygienic than conventional soap dishes since no water penetrates to create harmful conditions. It ensures guests remain healthy and enjoy staying at your hotel or guest house. 

Lastly, porcelain never corrodes when it comes into contact with acids, strong detergents, and solvents. It maintains its usual sleek appearance to guests even when holding different soaps and detergents.

3. Simplifying the Clean Process

Porcelain soap dishes: Elegant and easy-to-clean bathroom accessories for simplified maintenance.

Besides being hygienic, porcelain soap dishes are easy to clean. Their smooth glass surface makes it easy to clean them using a damp cloth and a mild cleaning detergent. A speedy clean-up reduces the time guests wait before accessing their rooms during room-cleaning services.

Frequent washing also makes porcelain soap dishes last longer as it prevents soap, scum, and grime buildup on the surface. It also ensures the dish remains in excellent condition, guaranteeing guests have a clean and hygienic space.

With more people today preferring to exert less cleaning effort, the easy-to-clean nature of porcelain makes their work easier.

4. Lasting Long

Accommodation spots have high traffic that can easily damage conventional materials like ceramic and plastic soap dishes. Porcelain soap dishes are ideal for hotels, motels, and resorts due to their ability to withstand wear and tear.

Their resilient outer surface makes them ideal for daily use without damage, even when there are many guests. It also prevents soaps and detergents from falling when guests clean or shower.

Hoteliers also save more money as porcelain can stay for long without repairs or replacement. That allows them to channel money into other areas that may improve overall guest experiences in their facility.

5. Creating an Environmentally Friendly Atmosphere

Environmentally friendly porcelain dishes: Sustainable and stylish tableware for an environmentally conscious atmosphere

According to a PWC survey, about 50% of consumers love eco-friendly designs and products today. Natural stone, ceramic, and other soap dish materials emit harmful substances and energy to the environment during manufacturing.  

Conversely, porcelain dishes get extracts from natural raw materials that do not damage the environment. Their manufacturing process is also energy-efficient without chemical-proofing and environmentally harmful agents like resin and varnish.

Most guests will love the effort of conserving the environment through eco-friendly porcelain dishes. They may develop personal connections with the hotel and value their experiences there more.

To Conclude

Customer experiences are an essential aspect that hoteliers and other lounge owners must address to thrive. However, meeting the high expectations today can be challenging as they differ from person to person. Guest preferences can also be hard to track as they change often.

Porcelain soap dishes are among the tried and tested elements that elevate guest experiences and keep them happy. Besides being easy to clean, they maintain the proper hygienic standards in a room that many guests would appreciate. These soap dishes also have numerous patterns, designs, and colors that can match different decor. They also align with the global objective of environmental conservation.