Winter is the time when we retreat to the comfort of indoor spaces, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t smell nice in the process. During the winter, people wear heavy and layered clothes, so choosing the right perfume matters a great deal. The way you smell can also tell a lot about you, which is why it’s important to invest some effort and pick the right fragrance that will work great for you. So, if you’re unsure how to do this, here is the guide that will help you pick the perfect winter perfume. 

Changing the fragrance according to the season – is it necessary? 

In cold environments, scent lifts differently compared to warmer temperatures. This is due to the fact that odor molecules tend to move slower in cool air. Also, since it gets very cold, our bodies tend to enter a so-called defense mode, meaning it gets less hospitable to external influences. Our smell receptors in the nose also happen to bury themselves deeper, suppressing the sense of smell in the process. That’s why choosing a different fragrance, the one with a stronger base can be more noticeable and effective. 

Also, our preferences tend to shift during the winter. In summer, we’re mostly into citrusy, fresh, or oceanic scents, whereas the winter is the time to opt for heavier scents that promote feelings of closeness and warmth. 

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If you don’t know where to start, then focus on base notes

Base notes are the strongest, as their job is to hold the body of the fragrance together. Also, winter is the time to focus on heavier scents, and they’re best determined by their base notes. But, it’s also important to check the fragrance formula, in order to make sure that everything is according to your liking. Generally, winter is when you should focus on woody, spicy or sweeter base notes since they’re more suitable than floral and fresh ones. If you want to use the latter notes, then it’s best to wait for warmer days. But, if you’re concerned about your health, then clean perfumes might be a great fit.

Get familiar with the most important fragrance families

The fragrance family is what determines the scent, and they’re mostly how we tend to classify the perfumes. According to most experts, there are four main fragrance families: 

  • Florals – the most common floral family, also used in countless different perfumes. It’s usually synonyms with spring, femininity, sensuality, and joy. Its smell is mostly characterized by freshly cut flowers, and it’s also very powdery. There are also subfamilies, and in this case, the best-known floral subfamilies are flora, soft floral, and fruity. The most common notes are orange blossom, rose, and jasmine. 
  • Woods – these scents are rich, opulent, and known for mixing fragrances like patchouli, cedar, and sandalwood. It smells opulent and warm, and the common notes tend to be sandalwood, patchouli, and vetiver. If you’re looking for a perfect woody fragrance then check out Vince Camuto Terra Review since its sandalwood, sweet fragrance will be a great way to smell amazing during the winter!
  • Fresh – this family is defined by clean, fresh, oceanic, and citrusy smells. The subfamilies tend to be citrus, aromatic, and green. The best-known notes are bergamot, citrus, and white flowers. 
  • Oriental – the oriental spice family is characterized by spices, herbs, and dry resin notes, which are also the common smells. The notes are anise, vanilla, and myrrh. These notes also tend to be considered sensual, warm, and exotic. Subfamilies tend to be woody oriental, oriental, and soft oriental. 

Now that you’re familiar with main scent families, you can see that orientals and woods are more suitable for winter, due to their heavier scent and more opulent notes. 

If you want to feel bold, just go with Eau de parfum

As we explained previously, winter is the period when scents are more difficult to detect, due to the body’s natural defense mechanism. That’s why you might want to go with a bold choice and opt for Eau de parfum. Scents labeled this way tend to be stronger and more long-lasting, especially compared to Eau de toilette and Eau de cologne. So, Eau de parfum contains a bigger percentage of raw perfume essence, which means that the final sense will be much denser. 

This option is more potent, and it won’t lift off your skin when it gets cold. So, if you want to smell your perfume, it’s better to opt for a stronger fragrance, and Eau de parfum will definitely provide you with that. 

Holidays are coming!

Winter is the holiday season, which means you’re free to get festive and celebratory as much as you want to. Spruce, cinnamon, vanilla, and caramel are all cozy, sweet, and festive, which is why they’re also a perfect choice of notes for a new fragrance. Since these notes are too heavy for warm weather, that means they’re perfectly suitable for crisp and cold winter temperatures. Plus, they’ll surely lift your mood and make you feel more excited for all the upcoming holidays!

Warm and comforting are the key moods 

Holidays also promote feelings of unity, warmth, and comfort, so your ideal fragrance should be able to evoke that. After all, winter is the time when most people tend to focus on soft, warm, and comforting clothes, such as fuzzy socks, cashmere sweaters, and woolen scarves. Therefore, the fragrance of your choice should be able to wake up that same fuzzy feeling in your stomach. So finding a cozy fragrance should be your priority, as this type of scent is supposed to mentally and emotionally protect you from cold temperatures. Also, it’s important to choose a fragrance that will fit the occasion and the mood. Just like cashmere on your skin, a perfect winter perfume should feel soft, comfortable, and comforting. 

Final thoughts 

Winter is when everyone prefers to be indoors, due to cold weather. The lower temperatures also tend to influence the way our body reacts and behaves, so it’s important to consider that when choosing your winter scent. Heavy, spicy notes are, therefore, perfect for winter, as they’re easier to detect and can last longer. Also, it’s important to be patient until you find your ideal perfume.