Have you ever wondered why people prefer peppermills over purchasing pepper powder? It’s not simply for some fancy reason. In fact, the reason is pretty simple— you get a better flavor. Peppermills grind pepper to release aromatic flavors, and a good peppermill will do it perfectly to give you the right flavors and taste. After all, you want to serve your family the most perfect meal. 

However, you might breeze over while purchasing a peppermill but finding the right peppermill is essential as for a lady, having the right kitchen apparatus is a must. So if you are out to buy a good peppermill, here are a few things that you should keep in mind. 

Body and Grinder Material 

First and foremost, you should really be looking out for the body and grinder materials of your peppermill. A good peppermill grinding material will be made of high-carbon steel or ceramic. These materials are preferred because they will not shred into your food— unlike their acrylic counterparts.

Similarly, the material of the body is important too. If you want a pepper mill that will give you flavor, we advise you to go for a peppermill that does not have a transparent body. Some people may find transparent (fiber or glass) bodies aesthetically pleasing. However, it will also expose the peppercorns to sunlight which can rob them of their flavor. 

Adjustment of Coarseness 

When cooking food, you would want everything to be perfect so that you can serve your family the most perfect meal. Naturally, the state of the ingredients matters too. 

If you are icky about the coarseness of the peppercorns, make sure you keep an eye out for that. While some models offer you dials at the bottom of the mill that can help you adjust the coarseness, others do not provide you with the dial. 

In these cases, you need to play around with the knob at the top of the mill (and a little practice) to get your desired coarseness. If you are confused, you can try both types and go with the one that suits your preference the most. 


Peppermills come at a range of prices according to your needs. You can buy one for $10 and can also go for one that will be about $100. However, a sturdy good peppermill with a good grinding mechanism to last you a lifetime will be available at around $40. Anything above that is for buyers who are looking for aesthetics. After all, peppermills can add a good touch of aesthetics to your kitchen scene. 


The size of the peppermills depends on the preference of people. The good thing is that peppermills come in various sizes. You can choose the right size depending on the following factors:

  • Your kitchen space and where you will be keeping it
  • The number of peppercorns you want to store. The larger the size, the more peppercorns it can store. However, keep in mind that storing them for too long can compromise the freshness of the peppercorns. 

We advise that you hold a peppermill in your hand and try the grinding mechanism to see if it feels right in your hands. A good-sized peppermill will fit well in your hands and will be convenient to use. 

Refilling Options 

There are various refilling options in different types of mills. While some may open at the top, others have a chute that pops up, yet others need to be turned upside down for refilling (the opening being in the bottom). 

You may choose the one you think is easier and hassle-free. However, do familiarize yourself with the refilling options before making your purchase. There are also various ways you can refill a peppermill. For example, you may use spoons, papers, or even a funnel for filling up your peppermills without any mess. 

Few Tips

Before we conclude, we would like to throw in a few more tips for you to keep in mind while you are out to get your perfect peppermill, so make sure you give them a read.

  • Appearances matter but do not solely depend on them. We know that peppermills can be the perfect addition to the aesthetics of your kitchen. However, at times, focusing too much on how they look instead of how well they work can be a bad investment. 
  • Try not to go for battery-powered pepper mills. They have too much to lose and will cost you quite a lot to repair once they break down. Instead, stick to the old manual grinding mechanism for the best result and taste. 
  • Make sure that you can use your peppermill for grinding other spices as well. If you are investing, you might as well vouch for versatility. Confirm with the vendor before using. 
  • When you are using your peppermill, make sure you follow certain measures and steps to take care of it. For example, you want your peppermill to last a long time, so make sure you store it properly, away from direct sunlight or humidity. 
  • Also, you need to make sure that you clean it properly after using it. Ask the vendor for cleaning procedures so that you know you are doing the right thing. 
  • Don’t ever use too much force while grinding. It can affect the grinding mechanism and break down your peppermill for good. So, do practice grinding to know the right pressure. 


Peppermills are a necessity as well as a piece of art that can help add essence to your kitchen and your food. For all the ladies out there who are looking for the right kitchen apparatus to help deck their kitchen, we urge you to be picky and demanding. After all, only with the right tools can you satisfy your needs for the perfect meal. 

Therefore, refer to this article to get the perfect peppermill for your kitchen. There is no way you would ever compromise on the taste, look, and aesthetics of your dishes and kitchen.