Designing your kid’s room of course needs proper planning and creativity. With proper lighting and the right architecture, your kid can have an amazing time in his room. When your kid spends most of his time indoors, plan a good design for his room so that he gets a standard of comfort. 

Make sure the color of the walls, lighting, the furniture you choose for your child’s room is comfortable and homely.

Try to make the room a bit spacious so that you can comfortably place a bed and a set of desks and benches for your kid to study. Apart from these whacks, you can place a lot of crafts to make your child’s room more scenic. 

To have a nice-looking room for your kid, have a look at these DIYs. Here are some ideas that you might need to get the best decor for your child’s room.

DIY Painted Wallpaper 

You can paint your child’s room to give it an aesthetic look. You can use various paints and colors to paint the walls with cartoon creatures or Disney characters.

You can use paintings to hang on the walls. Choose the paintings that your child will love to stare at.

Choose the right colors to create unique patterns on the walls. Walls are the framework for your room.

For some decorative patterns, you can use stickers or DIY tools. This is an easy job and can be done on your own. Use brushes of different patterns. You can also make geometrical shapes like squares and rectangles with the help of sponges.

As it is already mentioned, lighting decides the perfect tone for your room. Choose the lights according to the color of your walls. You can check on the best led light manufacturer in China and select the best bulbs from there. 

You can also enhance the wallpaper’s beauty by putting glass candle jars near the wall.

DIY Toy Storage Case

Add some unique toys to your child’s cupboard. Have a unique collection of toys and dolls for your child.

You can separately make a cupboard or case to store all the toys or make a DIY store to keep the teddies and bunnies.

To make a DIY toy storage crate, you need five pieces of plywood, some nut bolts, a hammer to fix the nut bolts, and paint in case you want to color the crate.

Take five plywood pieces and use a hammer to fix the nut bolts so that you could join the edges to make a cuboid-like structure with one side open.

You can use paint to color the basket completely. In case you want to make it more beautiful, use some zinc cloth to cover it. This can give a shiny look to your storage case.

You can also use ready-made baskets from the stores or you can convert vegetable storage crates to beautiful teddy storing bags.

Paper Flower Bunches

Flowers always add positivity to your life. Keeping flower vases in your child’s room can give an elegant look to the room.

DIY paper flowers look really decorous when bunched up in a vase. You can make these flowers along with your child. Your kid is surely going to love the experience.

Make large flowers so that your vase would look iconic. You can make some flowers like poinsettia, rose, sunflower, etc.

To make an easy giant paper flower, these are the steps.

  • Make three sizes of templates on a colored chart paper, five large petals, five medium and small petals.
  • Cut out the petals from the chart.
  • Cut out a circle from the cardboard, glue the largest petals onto the circular cardboard base.
  • Overlap the petals one by one, make sure each layer will have smaller petals.
  • Glue the petals firmly.
  • Use a stick to give support to the base of the circular cardboard so that you can put the flower in the vase.

You can make more such flowers. Put all of them in the vase to get your paper flower vase ready.

Make the vase as colorful as it could be.

Embrace The Use Of Paper Pom-poms

Pom-poms tend to be shiny and glittery, kids love staring at them. It emphasizes elegance and beauty.

Colorful tissue pom-poms provide an attractive look to your room.

You can even use pom-poms to cover your kid’s study bench. It gives your chairs a gorgeous appearance and enhances the beauty of your room.

You could even cover kids’ pillows with pom-poms as it makes the whole room look elegant overall.

Pasting pom-poms on the wall or even using it as wall hanging is a great idea to give an amazing appearance to your kid’s room.

Glitter Lanterns Beside The Bed

Try with lantern cans in your kid’s room.

First, remove the labels from the cans. Using a hammer and nails make small holes throughout the tin cans. Through the holes, the LED light bulbs can flash divinely.

After you are done with the holes you made, cut 12-inch strips of wire and stick them through two of the holes at the top of the can.

Using pliers, twist and secure the wire.

The final step is painting the tins. The cans will probably need a couple of coats of paint.

Now, place the LED light candles at the bottom of each can and let the magic happen.


Make your kid’s room unique by following these amazing DIYs. Kids’ rooms are supposed to be cozy and cheerful. Choose a good design for the entire room. Decorate the room with DIYs and fine lighting. Keep some plants to give a positive atmosphere to your kid.