Do-it-yourself projects are near and dear to many people. There’s something very satisfying about building a vision from scratch, engineering a masterpiece from your own hands. It gives the project more sentiment and value. Some people get scared away from undertaking such works because it can seem like a very involved process, too complicated to bother with. But if you take a closer look, these need not be daunting. There are extremely simple and useful crafts and furniture you can bring into reality with just a little time and patience.

Arts and Crafts

When you think of this phrase, you may immediately be transported back to kindergarten where, with your teacher, you were made to color pictures and design little tokens to take home to your parents. This remains a special pastime from which gifts of love and beauty are generated. Travel back in time to and reinvent those memories on a quiet day at home or as a fun interlude with your children, nieces, and nephews.

Permanent markers and runny paint could spiral into a messy situation. But that shouldn’t cause the desire for engaging in arts and crafts to dissipate. Grab some wooden decor crafts and get to it! Use some wooden stamps and spill-free ink pad sets, wooden gnome figurines, and glamper wood cut-outs to bring to life amazing inventions. Design with whatever your heart desires, paper patterns, acrylic paints, or anything else you have at your disposal that can be used to customize your creation. 

Proudly display the finished products on your mantle or give them as gifts to friends and loved ones.

Sofa Sleeves

A sofa sleeve with a built-in cup holder is the answer to the pesky problem of having to constantly lean over the arm of a chair to grab a drink you’ve placed on the floor. Some are too unmotivated to repeat this action and so hot drinks go cold, and iced drinks get warm as they are left, completely ignored. This opens up the risk of spills and frustrating cleaning up.

The main materials and equipment you’ll need are a hole saw, clamps, power drill, tape measure, wood pieces, wood glue, and sandpaper. Measure the height and width of the sofa arm to determine the specifications of the wood pieces needed. On the piece of wood to be placed on the top of the sofa arm, use the hole saw to cut out the diameter you want. Sand the wood and glue the pieces together. Easy right?

You have now solved your own problem in a matter of no time and spending a minimal amount of money.

Wine Rack

Wine. The favorite drink of the masses. As an aspiring wine connoisseur or quite simply a keen appreciator of the beverage and its history, you would want to display your acquisitions. Having a special place to show off your collection is important to you and can serve as a conversation starter where you can wow with your knowledge and insights. Sure, you can buy a ready-made rack but how much more impressive would your own origination be?

Use a discarded wood palette, or piece together a simple wine plan. Taking only minutes, you can have a specialized wall-mounted wine holder. Get out your drill, tape measure, miter saw, pencil, 2 pieces of wood, wood screws, or glue. Be sure to protect yourself using the relevant PPEs. Drill specified holes in both pieces of wood. Connect at a right angle and bind with glue and or screws. Couldn’t be simpler. As you desire, varnish, stain, or leave looking ruggedly attractive.

Serving Trays

A lot of us like eating in bed. This brings a sense of comfort and increased relaxation. Put on a movie or a favorite show, and the evening is complete. How cool would it be to make your own serving tray? As big or small as you like, crafted to your unique taste. You will need both long and shortboard pieces. First, place your shortboards vertically at two endpoints, then the longboards on top in a horizontal manner. Nail down these boards to the short ones underneath. 

Flip the almost completed tray over so that the short-width boards are now visible. This is the top surface of your tray. Attach handles on either piece of short-board and voila! A completed serving tray. You are free to paint or design the tray as you like, allow it to dry or set. This is so easy to do that you can put together a few and gift them to loved ones. They will definitely be appreciative.

Picture Frames

Something every home has in abundance, pictures. Photographs in albums, in draws, piled in boxes. Why not display as many as you can all around your home? They don’t need to take up any additional space, construct mountable frames that you can prettily hang on walls to help keep your memories in the forefront of your mind. Plastic frames and glass frames can break, steel frames may rust but wooden frames, once made with properly treated wood, will last you a long time. 

Cut the horizontal and vertical wood pieces to the length, width, and thickness you desire. Ensure the measurements of the wood are equal to have a perfectly symmetrical frame. Smooth out the wood using sandpaper or grit paper. Glue or screw the ends together, forming a square shape. Attach a piece of plexiglass to fit the frame using small screws. Paint and decorate your new frame as you are so inspired. You will love this creation so much that soon your entire wall will soon be covered, and beautifully so. 

DIY projects should get you excited! There are many things you can fashion that will add character to your home and make life a bit easier for you. You will feel extremely accomplished, and rightfully so. Time and patience are crucial. Source the basic materials and tools you need and already, you’re halfway there.