Many travelers set off with the idea of carrying as little as possible on their travels. This makes the trip less cumbersome, but it also lowers the associated expenses. Having fewer possessions to keep tabs also makes for a more enjoyable experience. A light traveler can make spontaneous detours more easily than one saddled with baggage.

More often than not, many holidaymakers end up carrying mounds of suitcases, dampening their experience. And a lot of the stuff they carry ends up returning unused. So, is it possible to go on vacation without burdening yourself with excessive luggage?

The answer, believe it or not, is a resounding yes, it is possible to actually travel light. But, let’s start from the beginning with the reasons excessive luggage is so detrimental to enjoying your holiday.

The Heavy Weight of Baggage

Having several pieces of luggage to keep tabs on will steal your peace of mind away. The whole idea behind taking time off to travel is to get away from the stresses and strains of the daily grind for some well-earned R&R. With multiple bulky bags to worry about; you will have simply traded one kind of stress for another.

Instead of unwinding, enjoying the journey and mingling, you will worry about your belongings’ safety. Whenever you check into a flight, train or bus and have to be separated from your bags, you will be anxious about your stuff being stolen or getting lost.

To guarantee the safety of your bags in transit or at your place of accommodation, it may require additional cost. You should also budget for tipping bellboys or a conveniently available porter to help you with your bags. Totaling it up, what you end up spending on your excess baggage could have bought you a lovely souvenir instead.

Lugging heavy bags around is physically draining, and if your things are packed in several different bags, moving around can become quite cumbersome. Ultimately, the mental and physical exhaustion of handling excessive baggage can detract from your enjoyment of the activities you had planned to do.

A Weight Off Your Shoulders

Now that you’re aware of why you shouldn’t travel heavily, here are some practical tips you can use to keep your baggage light.

Try a Smaller Bag

Buying a smaller travel bag will force you to pack only the true essentials. Shop for a bag that will easily fit into the airplane’s overhead compartment. Avoid overstuffing it to the point where you struggle to pull the zipper shut. This will ensure you have a little extra space for a nice trinket you spot at your destination, it will also help you avoid adding another bag for this purpose.

Smart packing can help you create space where you thought there was none. Instead of scrunching up your clothes, fold and roll them carefully. Compression packing cubicles can help you save even more space. Replacing your spectacles and their case with acuvue vita contacts will squeeze out a couple of extra inches in your bag.

Use a Packing List

Approaching your packing with a plan instead of tossing stuff together at the 11th hour will help you pack light. At least a week before you travel, make a list of the things you will need to carry. Knowing what items among your essentials you can find at your destination will help you save space. Why pack stuff you can buy or hire after you arrive or find freely available at your hotel?

Saving Space With Clothes

Excluding special gear for outdoor activities, the items that will take up the most space in your bags are your clothes. There are several ways you can minimize the space eaten up by your attire. First, you can avoid carrying bulky clothes. And if you must carry that bulky jacket, wear it instead of packing it.

Another way you can make your clothes take up less space is to purpose to wash and reuse them. Carry only enough tops to ensure that you have something to wear as the one you used the previous day is drying.

Be Brave

To experience the joy and freedom of traveling light, you have to be deliberate with your packing. Be bold and make a list of essentials with your destination in mind, ensuring they fit in your compact travel bag. This way you will avoid any regret of wasted valuable space on stuff you never used.