Travelling to new spots is always fun and exciting, but there are so many ways to experience it, why settle for one? Most people travel by plane, even if they can drive to it – comfort is just way more important, right? Sure, planes are cool, but you miss out on a lot of good sites to see and adventures that can happen along the way. If you want to skip the long lines and crowded airports, why not opt for an alternative way of travelling! Here are some perfect ways to experience travelling to new areas!


Probably the most convenient way to travel in nearby areas is by driving your car! Just grab your bag, your map, fill up your gas tank, and you are good to go! But on the other hand, it can get a bit tricky if you are going to a crowded area, a city that has a lot of people who often struggle with parking! So chances are you are going to cruise around quite a bit before you find a spot, and even worse, the costs are extremely high the closer you are to the city center. So if you are not familiar with the area and want to travel by car, just make sure that you research what are the best places to park. Find some alternative ones that only locals know about! 


Similar to cars, an RV is such a good way to travel and have the freedom to go anywhere. You can pack all your stuff, fit a couple of people, and then some! This is a great option for those who want to travel outside the city and to the countryside where there are no hotels or motels to sleep in. So instead of being crammed inside your car, an RV is perfect for sleeping! You can also consider renting a camper to maximize the space, and even get a small bathroom and kitchen along the way! You can go anywhere and everywhere, and not worry about things such as accommodation or parking, especially if you go far into the countryside! You don’t even need to own an RV; you can rent it occasionally and see if that form of transport fits your standards!

Going somewhere new in your car or RV? If you will drive in a foreign country, securing an international driving permit (IDP) online is essential. An IDP is an official document that allows you to drive a vehicle in most foreign countries.

While not all countries require an IDP, it’s always a good idea to have one, just in case. If the police pull you over in a country that doesn’t require an IDP, they may still ask to see your driver’s license. If you don’t have an IDP, the police might not be able to understand your driver’s license, which could lead to problems.


Do you like lakes, rivers, seas and the oh so glorious waters? Why not travel by boat then! Regardless if it’s a kayak, a canoe, or a full-blown cabin cruiser, there are so many different types of water transport you need to try out! It’s a totally different experience, you can see so much from that point of view, especially if you are on a boat in the battle of the lake, so much greenery awaits your gaze! But the only downside is that not a lot of people can sail a boat, and in some cases, it’s more dangerous than others. Kayaking is fun, you can rent your gear and head out with your family and friends and have such a memorable time, but only if you know all the necessary safety precautions! There is a sense of danger, especially for those who aren’t great swimmers, in that case, it’s good to have a professional by your side!



Want to eat great food and enjoy a breathtaking view from your vehicle? You can do all that by travelling via train! Trains are pretty popular in certain parts of the world like Europe and Japan, it’s just common and normal! But to some people, this is a unique way to travel. Especially if the train is on the luxurious side, you can even find ones with restaurants and full-on beds in them – think flying first class on a plane, but you are actually on the ground! So if you want to travel a bit further and have the luxury that a plane offers. A train might just do the trick, just pick the right kind of train that suits all your needs, and you are good to go!


If you are travelling somewhere near, maybe between cities perhaps, a bus is a perfect option if you don’t know how to drive a car! Sure, you can’t go just anywhere, busses go from point A to point B, so you just have to plan your trip according to that. But on the other hand, some travelling agencies offer buses that go around town, where all the main attractions are! So research what kind of plan fits your needs! All in all, buses and minivans are great as they are not a big commitment, you just arrive at a certain location and don’t have to worry about parking or anything!

On Foot

This is probably the most extreme way to travel, well if you are going somewhere far away, that is. But travelling by foot isn’t as uncommon as you’d think! A lot of people don’t want to go by car or by any other vehicles, so they use their legs instead! It’s just important to note you should be ready and well prepared. That is why it is always a good idea to book your next hiking trip with the help of an specialist so you get all the preparation and support you need for this new adventure. Get ready to go across natural landscapes, trails, or urban environments by walking from one point to another.


Once you decide where’s your next destination going to be, make sure you take into consideration all the fun ways you can travel to it, instead of jumping on the next plane there. It is just far too much to see and experience on the road, and you need to grasp it all at least once in your life. So grab your family members, your friends, and loved ones and go have a little adventure together! These kinds of memories will last a lifetime, so just go and do it!