Among all countries of the world in their striking variety, India has always stood out from the crowd. Finding a surrogate mother in India is also a very complicated process with its ins and outs. Here, in this short read, we will disclose the peculiarities of surrogacy in India so make sure you are attentive. 

Back in the past, India used to be a perfect destination for childless couples who are in search of a woman to be the surrogate mother. And in the whole continental part of Europe, it was widely used as a legal and comfortable method to get a family of one’s dreams. Indian women used to be a golden standard in the world of surrogacy until in 2015, it was banned by the law so that no foreigners could visit the country with this goal or even try to top up the price.    

Right now, surrogacy in India is purely altruistic so the cost of surrogacy cannot be measured in dollar equivalent; however, if the country of a donor does not make a big difference for you, visit to find out the details of surrogacy in other places where it is allowed for international guests. 

Becoming Intended Parents in India: Who Is It for?

Since India is closed for intended parents from abroad, being an intended parent is only legal for Indians who are close relatives of a chosen surrogate mother. Requirements for the family of a surrogate mother are also stricter than in other countries – the woman must be married and be a mom herself. The couple has to be married not shorter than 5 years to participate in the surrogacy program. Like everywhere, surrogate mother India can have no maternal rights.  

What about the surrogacy cost India, – how much money are you to pay? Indians view a new human life more than an expensive good to buy or sell; it is, actually, invaluable. And though surrogacy in India presupposes no costs, Indian intended parents are allowed to cover the expenses of a surrogate mother on medical screenings and tests during her pregnancy, and the funds for her other primary needs to guarantee that the child will be carried in a healthy way.

This is the only exception of the rules and it is found in the so-called charity, or altruistic surrogacy that presupposes no official payments from the side of intended parents. All the costs might only be given to an Indian surrogate mother to cover her expenses on the medical side of the deal and as a donation rather than a price for surrogacy service. Besides, altruistic surrogacy does not allow for non-traditional couples to be a part of the process.  

Only Traditional Couples for Intended Parenting: India Allows No Exceptions

While the whole world is becoming more and more tolerant of LGBT couples allowing them to get the same service as regular families and have a baby, in India, you will not witness cases like this. Thus, same sex marriages like gay couples should look for surrogacy options in other countries. Colombia, for instance, does not place strict limits on who becomes a parent and it is legal for everyone there. 

Single parents are also out of the list of possible candidates from intended parents. 

So, if you have decided to choose a surrogate mother who would give birth to your child, consider other countries than India. At the website of the agency World Center of Baby, you may look through the best surrogacy programs, get consulted about their price, and get to know everything about the process. Colombia, Mexico, and Ukraine are among the most in-demand destinations to find healthy female individuals ready to become surrogate moms. Commercial surrogacy in these countries is allowed and agreed on at all levels of the law. Compared to India, Colombia is the perfect country to opt for surrogacy as its laws are more loyal and the country can tolerate different couples with their expectations and needs. 

What is more, in Mexico, Colombia, and Ukraine, you can have WCOB guarantee the successful outcome of every surrogate pregnancy. Sure thing, many tests will be needed to ensure that the couple (or even a single parent) who is willing to become a parent is both physically and mentally sound; in such a way, the organization World Canter of Baby ensures that the future child will inherit good genetics and will have all the chances to grow up in the healthy family environment. 

Still, searching for donors on your own without consulting the laws and taking part in the official surrogacy programs is not recommended. Firstly, you could be deceived and get no insurance or warranty of the safe process of childbirth. Secondly, in unofficial versions of surrogacy programs, there is little medical support. So, why do you want to risk the health of your baby? Next, only official agencies can give you full guidance during the process, explain to you all the ins and outs of the methods of donorship, and make your visits to the country where the surrogate mother carries their child safe, troubleless, and well planned. Using, for example, the help of the World Center of Baby, you will get: 

  • Constant support all the way through; 
  • Perfect medical service of reproductive care specialists in the fertility clinic and control of the pregnancy; 
  • Free consultations; 
  • Guidance in the procedure of getting a birth certificate; 
  • Finding the best cost for surrogacy; 

Besides, you will be explained every detail starting from how a child will have genetic ties with you, how to use the surrogacy program in a particular country, and ending with how to pay fees for having this service. For all men and women willing to do anything to become a mom and dad, the World Center of Baby is ready to help. So, looking past India and the impossibility of carrying out commercial surrogacy in the country, we strongly advise you to consider other places with more surrogate parenthood potential.