Try super cool and easy diy sunglasses this summer. Use embellishments, paints, sketch pens or tapes and give whole new look to your cheap sunglasses. I bet! You will then never step out without your lovely pair of diy sunglasses!

1. Heart Sunglasses With Pink Roses

2. Pearl Encrusted Diy Sunglasses

3. Sunglasses Glam Up With Diamonds

4. Signature Rhinestone Leopard Sunglasses

5. Vintage Rose Sunglasses

6. Cool Halloween Inspired Sunglasses

7. Star Studded Diy Sunglasses

8. Sunglasses With Simply Pearls

9. Sunglasses With Cute Little Bow

10. Sunglasses With Sunflowers

11. Design With Polka Dots

12. Paint Your Glasses

13. Funky Style Party Sunglasses

14. Chunky Seed Beads Sunglasses

15. Creatively Sewed Sunglasses

16. Just Sketch It!

17. Simply Tape Sides

18. Fun Shine Sunglasses