Halloween is considered to be a time of celebration and superstition which is celebrated in number of countries with zest.  It’s the time when people love dressing up crazily, putting on their fun, dramatic and quirky halloween costumes with the perfect Halloween makeup complementing the entire look. If you too love to experiment and want some unique, innovative and totes eye catching makeup ideas, then you have landed at the right place. Here, we are sharing different examples of Halloween makeup to help you get some inspiration!

1. Half face zombie makeup

Half face ideas are totes cool. You can also experiment with half evil half good or half black and white.

half face zombie makeup


2. Halloween Doll Makeup

The creepy doll is perfect for halloween theme and the best part is you can create the look with your regular makeup products. Get the video tutorial here.

Halloween Doll Makeup


3. Ice Queen

Icy cool and easy idea.

Ice Queen

4. Halloween mermaid makeup

Make a splash in flirty and sexy mermaid costume.

halloween mermaid makeup


5. Spooky ghost makeup

Undoubtedly apt for the Halloween party! The detailing in the makeup makes it perfect.

spooky ghost makeup


6. Spider girl

A spunky chic look for those who don’t want to go whole scary way.

spider girl


7. Red riding hood inspired look

Create a look inspired from stories and movies.

red riding hood inspired


8. Lace mask

A mysterious masquerade can be fun and at the same time a trick to look elegant at the Halloween party. And if you diy the masquerade makeup, it makes the look even more interesting.

laced halloween makeup


9. Halloween vamp makeup

Can the scary vampish look be glamorous? Yes, here is how!

glamourous vamp makeup


10. Color explosion makeup

Extremely creative use of colors!

color explosion creative halloween makeup


11. Angular art halloween makeup

It is a bit different and creative attempt for those who want to stand out through their design.

Angular art halloween makeup


12. Floral horns Halloween makeup

Go for floral makeup if you want to create a unique look. And it’s better if you try a look that is amalgamation of floral and evil look like this.

floral horns Halloween makeup


13. Skull makeup

Creative skull and skeleton makeups are sure shot hit for Halloween nights. You certainly have not to think twice if you like to experiment with this kinda look.

skull makeup


14. Colorful angular face

This is something really unusual, cool and colorful idea to try this time.

colorful angular face


15. Black and white makeup

Black and white makeup gives edgy look if done properly with detailing.

black and white halloween makeup


16. Cute cat look

Also, cute cats and reindeer looks are very much in vogue. All thanks to snapchat edits!

cute cat look


17. Cartoon inspired look

This is definitely an eye catcher look. But not all can pull it off well. So, be wise in selecting your look.

cartoon halloween makeup


18. Gangster clown makeup

This clown look is definitely clever and fun. You can also try black and white clown looks!

gangster clown halloween makeup


So, from all of the above ideas which one would you like to go for your Halloween party this year? Let us know in the comment section below.