Wearing makeup or not is an individual’s choice and the reason behind it too. There are misconceptions that women only wear makeup to impress men or to mask insecurities about their appearances. Just as women shouldn’t be held to unrealistic beauty standards, they also shouldn’t be shamed for making their own decision about what goes on their faces. After all, it’s fun experimenting with your looks, applying Colossal Kajal simply or for that cat eye effect and love the confidence that a red hue on the lips give!

Em Ford, a beauty vlogger opened up about her battle with adult acne during Acne Awareness Month in June, but she proved that not everyone finds her makeup tutorials inspiring in a video called “ You Look Disgusting “. This video contains the real harsh comments by people on her face. It shows most people love you when you are at your best but not appreciate if you reveal the real you, the double standards on social media.

But after this video, tons of women are following her, also, they are creating half-done look under the hashtag #ThePowerOfMakeup.