A sleek and chic manicure is always unbeatable! It looks so neat and beautiful. Many of us think it is difficult to get that classic mani. But these DIY tips and tricks will help you to get the perfect french manicure effortlessly in no time! Also, in this video tutorial by Cute Polish, you will find not just one but five different ways to get french manicure nails.


So, the 5 ways to do your french nails are as follows –

  1. Opt for white polish and apply the brush slowly over the tip of your nails.
  2. Use white tip guide i.e the half moon strips, which is perfect for beginners.
  3. Make it hassle free and fast with white french manicure pen.
  4. You can also use white striping brush, just be a little careful while applying the paint.
  5. First paint your tips with white polish and then use remover to define the paint.

Now, DIY french mani like a pro by following any of these ways and with the use of easy to get objects like nail strips and white marker.