If you love to design your nails but don’t have hours to spend in Beauty Salon for it then this step by step nail art tutorials are definitely for you. Here we have try to put all easy yet cool nail art designs together that can be just done within few minutes with great tricks. . You can use strips, net, toothpicks, and nail art brushes for creating various pretty designs. So, no worries even if you are not creative. These step by step nail art tutorials will help you create the myth.

 1. Two Shades

2. Gold Leaf 

3. Pink Gradient

4. Random Strips


5. Double Strip

6. Turquoise Gold Stone

7. Paint Over Nail

8. Shade With Brush

9. Splatter Paint

10. Paint Over Loofah


11. Emerging Strips

12. Animal Print

13. Fan Brush Nail Art

14. Little Hearts

15. Marble Nail Art

16. Net Coat Nails

Don’t forget to give your nails perfect finish by transparent coating if required and removing the extra paint around the cuticles of your nails!