Taking care of yourself is pretty much important like the other chores that you have to do every day. And believe us it’s not that tough a game. Follow our beauty tips and apply the simple yet effective skin care and beauty DIY recipes. You’ll observe a big difference because of the little time invested and small changes that you have made to your routine.

Eye brows and Lashes

Thick eyebrows and bushy lashes are always associated with youthfulness. Perfect thick brows add up to the features and make one look more beautiful. To get those eyebrows you must go for eyebrow extensions done by experts like projectbaddie.com as they have years of experience with hundreds of satisfied customers. But if you have sparse eyebrows and lashes, we have one of the simplest beauty tips for you to be done at home. All you need to do is apply castor oil everyday on your eyebrows to make it thick. This oil is enriched with proteins, fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins which help in nourishing the hair follicles. Though, you need to keep some patience and apply the oil religiously to see the difference.


Blackheads are such a pain. It basically occurs due to clogging in pore or follicle. Here is how to prevent blackheads, make a paste from rice flour and water. Rub it on the blackheads. It works like a scrub and will remove the dead skin, deposited debris and bacteria and gradually the blackheads will vanish.

Puffy eyes

We spend so much of our time in front of laptop and mobile phones, the overuse of which leads to puffy eyes. Other reason is lack of sleep. It also leads to dull face and pulls the age number. Perhaps, this is the reason why the term “beauty sleep” came into existence. So, have sound sleep.

Plus, you can use green tea which contains antioxidants with anti-inflammatory effect. Refrigerate brewed green tea bags for about 10-20 minutes and then place them on your eyes. It will reduce puffiness and dark circles.


Green tea is also a quick and effective remedy to cure dry and chapped lips. It also moisturizes the lips if applied regularly.

All you need to do is gently rub the warm brewed green tea bag over your lips for 5 minutes daily. Yes, it’s that simple to get soft and moisturized lips.

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Get clean, clear and glowing skin with this easy method. All you need to do is take a small bottle, fill it with glycerin and rose water in 1:1 proportion and add a bit of lemon juice. Glycerin will moisturize your skin leaving it soft; rose water will add freshness while lemon juice will reduce the dark spots and brighten the skin. Apply it daily for best results.


Zits or pimples are very common skin problem that is faced by most of us. And the main reasons of its occurrence are stress, hormones or diet. Unbalance in any of these leads to Zits. Find out your reason and try to balance it.

And to eliminate the existing zits, there is a very simple but efficient home remedy. Apply paste of nutmeg which has strong antibacterial and anti-fungal activities mixed with water on your pimples. For best results, keep it overnight and wash it off with warm water in the morning.


Dandruff is such a common problem. There could be many reasons for it but with proper cleansing of scalp regularly will solve the problem. The blend of coconut oil and camphor (Kapur) is very effective in treating dandruff. Take an empty 100 ml bottle and fill it with coconut oil. Add about 6-7 pieces of camphor from the stack or you can add raw camphor. Let it dissolve in the oil. It will take about half an hour. Now use this mixture to massage your scalp. You can keep it overnight or if not possible keep it for an hour before washing your hair off with shampoo. It will moisturize as well as clean your scalp.

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Luscious hair definitely makes one more attractive. But there are many reasons like diet, stress or pollution which leads to bad hair. With proper care, it is possible to get great hair. Blend  1\2 cup of Aloe Vera pulp, 1\2 cup of curd and a tbsp. of rosewater. Apply this mix on your hair weekly for long, thick and shiny hair. It also strengthens the hair from roots and prevent hair fall.



Nails look beautiful when they are long, strong and shining. And for that dip your nails in lukewarm lemon water, then pat it dry and apply Vaseline. It will make your nails strong, shining and beautiful.

With following these beauty tips, it is equally important to know the dont’s. It includes licking your lips every now and then, keeping makeup overnight, bad eating habits and more.

All of these beauty tips and diy recipes would work only if you stay happy. It’s important and it definitely shows on your skin. Yes, when you are stressed, you look dull and for some even pimples breakout. In simple words, the happier you are the more you bloom.