There is a certain price we pay for looking beautiful. And it’s not the price in dollars we’re talking about – it’s the price we pay with our health if we’re not careful enough.

Here are 7 beauty decisions that you can make that could easily backfire on you in the future when it comes to your looks and health.

1. Anti-wrinkle cream

Women will do almost anything to enhance their beauty, get rid of the wrinkles, and using an anti-wrinkle cream is one of the most common choices. Topical retinoid in most of these creams improves collagen production and prevents aging caused by UV radiation. But the problem is they can irritate your skin, too, making it too dry, red or even sensitive to UV light. It’s better to use a sunscreen with SPF 15 or more and to apply smaller doses of an anti-age cream.

anti wrinkle cream


2. Deodorant as a makeup primer

Even though deodorant is supposed to absorb sweat under the armpits, you can’t use it on your face as a makeup primer. Many women started using this technique but it’s not a smart move at all. Deodorant is far too strong for your face, and it can lead to clogged pores, which means you’ll end up with acne and blackheads. What’s more, fragrances present in the deodorant will irritate your skin and even cause inflammation.

3. Tanning beds

Even though it’s a proven fact that lying down in tanning beds could increase the risk of melanoma, which is the deadliest form of cancer, many women still use it as a quick way to attractive tan. As tanning beds truly are carcinogenic, they can also cause other types of carcinoma, such as squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma, especially if you’re under the age of 35 and you use them on a regular basis. It’s a much safer option to switch to tanning sprays and creams, which contain just a color additive.

tanning bed


4. Poorly executed cheek augmentation

Placing facial implants can really improve your looks but not if you choose the wrong professional who will do the job poorly and create more issues that will demand additional works on your face. To prevent this nightmare, do your research thoroughly and find experts who are known for high-quality cheek augmentation procedures. Your face deserves the best possible treatment.

5. Removing a mole on your own

If you have an annoying mole, it’s better to visit a dermatologist than to use home products or remedies to remove it. Ideas like eggplant extract and herbal remedies can easily lead to scarring or serious skin irritation. One more reason to visit dermatologist is that they can check if the mole is cancerous. Don’t take risks for the beauty that can lead to harmful after effects.

6. High heels

It’s ok to wear high heels when there’s a special occasion but do it as less as possible. High heels can cause bunions that usually appear on the big toe joint. The awkward angle your feet are at when you’re wearing high heels can lead to metatarsalgia, an intense pain in the ball of the foot.
high heels problem


7. Hemorrhoid cream for removing puffy eyes

Don’t think of using this type of cream to hide under-eye bags because hemorrhoid cream’s ingredients are not made for the sensitive skin on your eyes – you could easily cause skin irritation. Better opt for cucumber slices under the eyes or applying cold packs. Maybe it won’t remove the puffiness completely but you’ll have a healthy skin.

Final comment

Some decisions to enhance beauty and look stunning can sometimes backfire on us. Before you try any of the suggestions that you heard or read somewhere, check if it does more harm than good.