Mirrors serve very versatile roles in the home. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles to meet the needs of each individual room. 

Bedrooms may be great rooms for standing floor mirrors, so that you can get a view of your entire outfit, head to toe, before embarking on your day. Living rooms or entryways may be great places for something a little grander, such as a tinted mirror, gold veined mirror, or even an antique mirror.

Throughout the home, mirrors serve important roles. They can help make rooms feel larger. They can add a touch of elegance or style to a room that is too bland. What many inexperienced mirror buyers do not know, however, is that certain mirrors can be better suited than others, depending on the location and the use needed.

Bathroom mirrors with lights are prime examples of how you can maximize a mirror’s functionality within the home. Bathrooms in particular can be small rooms with light coming from tough angles. That is not ideal for a place that depends on keeping an eye on the small details, such as with hairstyling, skincare, and your makeup. 

Lighted mirrors, whether in a bathroom or not, have several benefits. Let’s walk through four of the top benefits that LED mirrors possess and discuss how you can implement them into your home.

Lighting Effects on Detailed Makeup

Sometimes, the right lighting can make all the difference. That is certainly the case with LED mirrors. 

Let’s take an important routine that requires very fine detail: Putting on makeup. This is a routine that is typically done in the bathroom or at a bedroom vanity. These are exactly the places that would benefit from a well-lit mirror.

To put on makeup well, to get it exactly how you want it, requires precision. However, precision is nearly impossible without the help of good lighting. With LED mirrors, the light shines from all around the edge of the mirror, providing the absolute best light for those finer brushes. LED mirrors will help you put on spotless makeup.

With normal overhead lighting or even vanity lighting that is simply across the top of the mirror, the light only comes from one angle. This causes shadows on the face and requires a very precise angle to see the makeup well. However, the evenness of the lighting with LED mirrors eliminates this problem.

By investing in an LED mirror for your bathroom or bedroom vanity, your morning makeup routine will be changed forever. It is like going from a standard definition TV to hi-definition one—you will never look at your old mirror the same way again!

LED Lighted Mirror vs. Mirror with Yellow Light Bulbs 

LED Lighted Mirror vs. Mirror with Yellow Light Bulbs 

Some people make the mistake of thinking that the lighting source is not important, and that overhead lights and side lamps can make up for the fact that their mirror is not LED-backlit. This is a mistake you should do everything you can to avoid.

On the contrary, the source of light is the key to having a high-quality experience in front of your mirror. Two of the most common types of lighting are white LED lights and yellow light bulbs. Here is a breakdown of the differences between the two.

LED Lights

LED Lights

Most LED lights, which stand for light-emitting diode lights, produce white light. Despite using far less energy than a typical incandescent light bulb, LED lights appear cleaner and brighter. Due to their efficiency and the crispness of the light that they produce, LED lights are quickly becoming the light of choice for the most critical aspects of our lives, such as headlights while driving and mirror lights while putting on makeup.

Yellow Light Bulbs

Yellow Light Bulbs

Yellow light bulbs, which are typically either incandescent or halogen, depend on a filament to keep burning and giving off light. The most common types of yellow light bulbs produce a soft, warm light, which can be beneficial for lighting a cozy room or in a bedside table lamp while reading a book. They are far less energy efficient than LED lights, and the light that they create is typically not as crisp for seeing the finer details in things.

Lighted Mirror Styles

Lighted Mirror Styles

LED mirrors are not the only type of lighted mirror. In fact, people have been adding lighting to their mirrors since the light bulb was first invented. However, some lights are far more efficient and effective than others.

You have probably seen the images of Hollywood dressing rooms with the rows of round incandescent bulbs lined along the tops of the mirrors. That was a popular lighted mirror design for a long time. However, as LED lighted mirrors have developed, they have taken over as the best and preferred mirror for things like doing makeup—yes, even in Hollywood.

Here are some of the most common types of lighted mirror styles.

Vanity Mirror with Incandescent Bulbs: These mirrors are the most affordable option, but that is because their bulbs do not last long and give off inferior light.

Backlit Mirror: For a subtle amount of light that can take a dark mirror and make it clear to see, backlit mirrors are an excellent option.

Mirror with LED Frosted Strips: These are high-quality mirrors that are both beautiful and functional, providing the best of both worlds.

Mirror with LED Bulbs: Similar to mirrors with LED frosted strips, mirrors with LED bulbs are a slightly different style but include the same great benefits.

Your Best LED Lighted Mirror Partner

Your Best LED Lighted Mirror Partner

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In addition to the standard rectangular backlit LED mirrors, the company also carries large LED mirrors with both squared and rounded corners, and that come with LED frosted strips that create no shadows. These types of LED mirrors are best for people who are detail-oriented in their morning makeup routines.

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