If you are facing an everyday dilemma of managing your short perky hairdo, ever since you have chopped off your long stunning hair, then fear not, as we have come up with an amazing solution which will not only save you from the regular mess but will also add a touch of panache to your overall identity. Ruffled up, short hairstyles have become the latest sensation for every girl out there, especially with the appealing, brazen and low-maintenance look, that can be easily achieved in no time and are surely giving us some new feminine goals.

Check out these 4 stylish hairstyles for short hair, regardless of the hair type, which is the perfect getaway to the ultimate destination of good looks. You can always thank us later!

Braided Headband

This chic hairstyle will spell “CUTE” all over your personality as you step out for a fun girlie evening with your friends or a date night with someone special. To get this look, use a dry shampoo to add fullness and grip to your hair and then start French braiding above one ear and working across your head, adding strands as you go. Once you are done, you can stylize the braid with some flowery bobby pins and you are all set for the outing.

Braided Headband Stylesource

Side Bun

This is a quick and effective hairstyle, especially when you are rushing out in the morning with damp hair. Rather than keeping your hair wet and looking boring in the early morning, why not perk up your look with this side bun which you can start by braiding from one side and taking it to the other side and then twisting the entire braid into a loop and tucking it together at one place.

Braid and side bun


Twist and Pin Look

If your short hair is naturally curly, then this easy hairstyle will certainly add a sassy look to your style statement. All you need to do is, twist and pin! Yes, it’s that simple. Keep twisting and pinning each section of your hair until you make a stunning bouquet of hair loops, sitting prettily on your head.

Twist and Pin Short Hair


Classic Up-do

This hairstyle is perfect for a gala evening with your special someone and will surely complement your royal look. This classic up-do hairstyle can be achieved easily by separating the bangs from the rest of your hair and then tease up the top section of the hair for volume, and style it into a ponytail. Then tuck the hair inward, twist it, and secure it with fancy bobby pins. Your royal look for the evening is ready.

Classic Updo Short Hair


You can also opt for the simple and naive hairstyle by blow drying your short hair and brushing it thoroughly with a detangling hairbrush for the perfect next-door girl look for the day.

With such unconventional and easy-breezy short hair styles, you can now be the ultimate fashion diva among your friends with your fresh look and snazzy style.