A day very special when you neither want to look too simple nor over done take these never go wrong tricks for that enchanting looks. Whether opting for Skirts or Denims, you can carry off both the looks with elan following these fashion guidelines.

1. Frock Style One Piece

You can opt for a simple dress with little polka dots but don’t forget to enhance your looks with cool accesories that isn’t too chunky. Wear A long chain with a significant cool pendant.


2. Crop Top With Long Skirt Or A Long Maxi Dress

For a date at countryside, the comfortable long skirt with a simple beige top tucked in looks fabulous. For the perfect elegant look just keep it simple with no accessories but a good hair do.


3. Denims

Denims is definitely in the list of favourite and can never go wrong for any occassion. For top, you can go for a stylish laced or sequin bordered one. To complete the look carry a leather Tote and wear Wedge Heels.


4. Little Red Dress

When nothing works, the magic of red dress does. Pair it with stylish Louboutin and nice Clutch.



1. Never go with all red look, like red outfit red lips red heels, it’s a complete mess.

2. Keep it simple not jazzy. Too much bling will make you look like flashlight.

3. You can use cocktail rings with any outfit but only one, not more.

4. Don’t forget to paint your nails.

Lastly, whatever you wear, wear it with elongated smile and confidence that is enough for the magic to happen.