If you are here, I know two things about you for sure. One, you love getting ready to look sassy. And two, you don’t have enough time to put your heart into what you love. Well, no matter how busy you are, you will never want to make a fashion faux pas. Especially, in the picture ready era we live in! But you’ll agree that sometimes it is a hell of a task. And for days like those you must have some quirky quick fix ideas to have your fashion looks game on point in minutes.

We have sum up the list in five points for you as we want to maximize your fashion looks while minimizing the time and efforts to create it.

1. First tick on the list is on the Red Lipstick

No matter if you have done less makeup, don a red lipstick to amplify your looks. Have you ever wondered what a red lipstick can do? It just not enhances your looks but also make you feel good and more confident about yourself. Check this tutorial to aria-label=”apply your lipstick perfectly (opens in a new tab)”>apply your lipstick perfectly.


2. Because fashion accessories are necessary

Sometimes we don’t realize and get stuck in a rut wearing same pieces every day. Always have some accessories complementing your look. This little change can make you look different but in a beautiful way. You can have any of these or all of these. It will definitely spruce up your look!

Layering chains – This has without a doubt been the trend of the year and is still going to rock this season. The reason being it’s simple + beautiful = Simply beautiful. Anyone can carry it without looking like over done with the jewelry.

Watches and bracelets – Again, this is a layering version on the wrist. The ensemble of classy wrist watch and bracelets look totally chic. If you don’t like layering accessories for neck and hands both at a time, you can wear a big face watch which is a go-to for any day or occasion.

fashion accessories for chic fashion looks

Rings and earrings – Have a statement ring that goes with your style, personality, and almost every outfit. The same goes for African-style earrings- One such pair when I think of it is hoop earrings for women. Many celebs are obsessed with it too.

3. Bag your Style

Carrying a bag is carrying an art form with you. A bag is a must-have for all women as you can keep all your essentials handy while flaunting it. You must have bags for different occasions – day time, party, casual, holiday, etc. in different shapes and sizes. The plus point is when in a hurry; you can just grab your makeup things and accessories and put it in your bag. And while on the way you can get ready to rock.Wherever you go, even at a grocery shop or a flea market, you can still keep it stylish by carrying sassy jute bags.

Nails say a lot about your personality. You have to have your nails done properly. And if you are thinking that you don’t have time to get ready how will you do your nails? With this trick, it will just take a minute. Apply one or a combination of two colors on your nails. Now, you don’t have to wait till it dries.  Dip your hands in a bowl of ice water for 10 seconds and Voila! It’s done. And in case you have time, try some nail art. It is totally worth it!

5. Life is short, heels shouldn’t be!

Red lipstick or high heels, never underestimate the power of any! Just as lipstick, there is an undeniable confidence that heels give women. High heels add high drama to your look. Your look can’t be done without a perfect pair of heels.

Let us know if you have any other ideas to spice up your fashion looks instantly in the comment section below.