When you look at beautiful nail art designs all over Pinterest and Instagram, you will definitely wish to have it on your nails too. And that isn’t very easy as many of the gorgeous designs are intricate and requires a lot of creativity. In fact, it can be a task and many mess up trying nail art designs at home. But this one beauty tool -nail stripping tape can simplify the process and make it a hell lot easy to design the nails like a pro even if you aren’t a nail art wizard. All you need with your nail polish is patience to create the design of your choice and the nail stripping tape.

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This ultra thin adhesive can be used to design very cool and different patterns such as grid lines, emboss effect, single chevron, triangles, other geometric designs and abstract patterns. You can stand out every time with striped nail art designs as it give a defined, clear and salon created look. And here are the best of striped nail art designs that you will definitely want to pick, strip and paint!

1. Black and white striped nail art

This design is fun to try! Simply do a base coat of your choice, use tape for stripes and color half black and half white. Remove the tapes and it’s done.

black and white striped nail art

2. One nail with stripes

Totally in love with this simple to DIY chic design. Use different color combinations to paint your nails and do the stripes on the nail of your ring finger to intensify!

One nail with stripes


3. Different stripe patterns with gold polish

Experiment with stripe patterns on every nail using stripping tape. This is so defined, simple to do and yet so stunning.

stripped patterns with gold polish

4. Cuticle triangle nail art

Do gold small triangle cuticles with any shade. Easy, fine finished and Stylish!

Cuticle triangle nail art

5. Classy nail design using strip tape

Elongated glittery triangle with little cuticle base is equally chic!

Classy nail design using strip tape

6. White and negative space nail design

The latest trend is negative space mani where less is much more and we loved it!

white and negative space nail design

7. White stripes

White mani, one more for inspiration!

White strips

8. Trendy negative space and gold nail art

Take negative space mani a level ahead with golden touch. Super chic!
(P.S – you will now onwards keep your stripping tape handy!)

trendy negative space and gold nail art

9. Zig zag nail art

It looks stripping tape with negative space trend has so much more to it!

Zig Zag nail art

10. Monochrome nail art

Looks like it needs so much efforts but stripping tapes had made it easy.

monochrome nail art

11. Criss cross nail art

Love the look? Create it. Here’s the tutorial at adventures in acetone.

Criss cross nail art

12. Embossed pattern nail art design

We’re completely blown away by this nail art with such high-design. The embossed pattern created using tape aced the strip mani.

embossed pattern nail art design

13. Random stripped nail art

Even if you are in hurry, you can style your nails quickly with this witty random stripping nail art. Cool, isn’t it?

Random stripped nail art

14. Diverging strip nail art

From any point stick few tapes and paint for diverging pattern. Yes, it is that easy to get gorgeous nail designs!

Diverging strip nail design

15. Easy yet stylish strip nail art

You can let the tape stay on and design your nails with ease giving it metallic touch.

Easy yet stylish strip nail art

16. Grid nail art

Can’t get over this slick grid lines pattern and with black and white combination it can cause serious nail envy!

grid nail art

17. Pastel color and strip nail art

Here’s another amazing mani of gradient design blocked with tapes.

Pastel color and strip nail art

18. Sexy strip nail art with embellishments

Take a risk with colors and designs, you may end with this kind of unique awesome mani.

Sexy strip nail art with embellishments


19. Chic nail art design with gold strip

This bright orange shade design might be the chicest nails in this entire roundup. A bit intricate but the finishing look is worth it!

Chic nail art design with gold strip

20. Colored tape nail design

Love this combo of different colors tape and black nail polish!

Colored tape nail design