Women CEOs are proven to turn in more profits than their male counterparts. That is one of several benefits of a company led by a woman CEO. If you are looking for stock led by a woman CEO, then continue reading below.

Stocks of companies led by women CEOs seem to have better performance in the market. Statistically speaking,  share prices increased by 125% when women CEOs lead the company. It is double that of the S&P 500 average increase of 58%. There are many more reasons to choose a stock led by a woman CEO.

Why Invest In Female-Led Companies

The companies led by women show more significant economic growth than their counterparts. The reason for this higher growth is the increased amount of jobs created. 

The growth of the firms owned by females was 46%, and the total revenue amounted to 1.2 trillion dollars in 2007.

Bloomberg had a study that said companies with women at top positions earn almost as double as other companies. 

Another study by Naess says that companies with more female board members are more productive, have better performance, and higher equity return. Currently, there are also female-led blockchain companies that are playing essential roles in the enhancement of cryptocurrency.

Blockchain can also revolutionize many industries. George Gilder, a career investor, recently speculated that blockchain and cryptocurrency could cause a $16.8 trillion reboot across the globe. You can learn more about it from this George Gilder prediction reviewed by BizReviewed.

Here are the top stocks to invest in by women CEOs-

1. Best Buy Co.

Best Buy is a household electronics retailer in the USA. Best buy recently selected a female CEO by the name of Corie Barry. She is young and has had a significant effect on the value of the stocks.

The best buy stock has risen by 8.7% since Barry has taken the helm. She had two years of experience buying before. She held the position of senior vice president and strategic growth officer before becoming the CEO.

2. ULTA Beauty

ULTA Beauty is a known name in the world of cosmetics. The company is a leading retailer of cosmetic, makeup, and toiletry products. 

They recently appointed Mary Dillon as their CEO. She was the chief marketing officer previously. Dillon has helped the company through a rough patch. 

Under her leadership, the company survived the transition between brick and mortar to an online retail shop. ULTA has also opened retail shops globally.

3. Hershey Co.

Hershey is a significant food brand with a female CEO leading the company. Michelle Beck spent 17 years at Kraft and Frito-Lay before joining Hershey.

She initially joined as a chief operating officer and gradually rose up the corporate ladder to the position of CEO. She headed some major buyouts for the company. 

They also gained Amplified Snack Brands over a 1.6 billion dollar deal. Since Buck joined, the stocks of Hershey have gone up 22%

4. Anthem (ANTM)

Gail Boudreaux, CEO of Anthem, has had a very successful career in the health sector. She was the executive vice president at the UnitedHealth Group and was later promoted to the CEO position. 

During her time, the UnitedHealth group became the most comprehensive health insurance provider in the USA. 

She was also the president of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois in 2002. At her time in ANTM, Anthem has seen a rise of 27% since 2017.

5. General Motors Co.

The first woman to ever become the CEO of an automobile company such as General Motors is Mary Barra. GM is a huge auto company that has international branches. 

Barra worked as a co-op student for Global Motors when she was 18. The stock values of automobile companies remain fickle, and the case is no different for General Motors. 

Their stocks are down by 4% since Mary Barra took over as CEO. But compared to the other automobile companies, they are doing relatively better.

6. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

Lisa Su is an engineer who took over as CEO of AMD in 2012. She was with Texas Instruments and IBM before. 

The stocks of AMD have been up by 629% since Lisa Su took over. The shares have increased by over 500%. 

The spike in company revenue landed AMD in Fortune 500 in 2019 for the first time. Thanks to Lisa Su, AMD has survived the competition with Intel and is now a leader in chips and graphic processors.

7. Oracle Corp.

Safra Catz joined Oracle in 2001 as a member of the board of directors. She was selected as the president in 2004. 

Oracle is a software company specializing in cloud computing. Catz has been with them for almost 20 years. The stocks of Oracle have risen 32% since Catz joined as the president.

She headed some successful multibillion-dollar deals. She handled the deal to buy out PeopleSoft for 10.3billion dollars. She is also the highest-paid female CEO in the USA with a yearly income of 40million dollars approximately.

8. Williams-Sonoma

Laura Albert joined Williams Sonoma as their CEO from the Pottery Barn division. She was appointed as the president of the company in 2006. 

Before this, she was the president of Pottery Barn in 2002. During her tenure, the Williams Sonoma stocks saw a rise of 123%. 

She transitioned to moving the sales of the company online. She also launched a mobile app as the president of the company. 

These steps moved the company revenues sky-high and secured a better online presence.

9. Ventas

Debra Cafaro is the CEO of Ventas. The current yield of Ventas is a 4.8% dividend, which is very good for the market. 

Their revenue has also kept increasing gradually at a rate of 1488%. The stocks are up by 767%. Since 1999, the net income of the company has risen by 974%. 

10. Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is a defense contractor company. The CEO of the company is Marillyn Hewson. She has been at the position since 2013. 

She achieved share prices at 279%, which is much greater (177 points) than the S&P 500’s 102.2% gain. Revenues have also increased by 20%.


A quick look at statistics shows that many female-led companies are paving the way for new heights of success creating employment and strengthening the economy. Check out the company background first and then decide on the company that is worthy of your investment.