Pain is a part of every human’s life, and everyone has been there at least once in their lifetime when you think things are not certainly going your way as everything is just against the flow, and you are not able to control any of your tasks.

Whether it is about experiencing any kind of physical or emotional pain, we have all been there when we felt hurt and kept overthinking about it. However, continuously regretting any of your past decisions can make you stressed and can also trigger anxiety. 

So, if you have to practice the same pattern lately and want to come out of this phase as soon as possible, here are some of the ways to let go of the past and start living in the present for your own better mental and physical health. 

Practice Mindful Exercises

We all live in an era where everyone is pretty busy in their own routines and no one really has time to express their emotions to anyone for even being empathetic about things, which can lead to the cluttering of our emotions for a long time. 

Holding on to things and not letting them go can turn out to be really bad for both your mental as well as your physical health, which is why many people nowadays are subject to stress, heart, and depression-like diseases.

For this very reason, it is quite essential to take an active part in mindfulness events and practice activities that involve expressing all your emotions, whether they be sad, happy, joyful, stressful, or any other emotion, to relieve their mind of overthinking and extra pressure. 

Learn From Your Experience 

Every day in our lives is different from the previous day, and we never know what’s actually coming our way because it is not really in our control. No one can identify the future, just like you can not just go back into your past and change things in any way. 

However, one thing that you can do is to learn from what you have experienced and use this prior encounter in your favor so that the next time you face any similar situation or are stuck in something like your past, you would know how to take the right steps. 

Whether it is about any of our elders or about our own selves, we all make mistakes, but that certainly does not mean that we should keep demeaning ourselves because of that certain thing. This means that you can always learn from your experience. 

Create a Positive Mantra 

Negative thoughts can be really toxic for both your mental as well as physical health, and in worse cases, they can actually make you hate yourself even for things that you are not, as you will be putting yourself in a bad light just because of overthinking. 

Due to this very reason, it is really necessary to not let the negative thoughts cloud your mind and your judgment and let things be as they are. When something bad happens in your life, you can either move on or be stuck on it forever, which is not really a healthy approach. 

This means that you should always try to move on and not make things complex. For this, you can create a positive mantra around you, which will help you to appreciate yourself and acknowledge the fact that you deserve all the happiness in the world. 

Let The Emotions Out 

Another one of the main and important mental exercises that you need to practice in your everyday life if you want to get over things easily is to let your emotions flow and let things be as they are instead of stressing out. 

One of the most common mistakes that most people make which has been a major reason for developing anxiety and depression is that they do not focus much on themselves and try to hide or suppress the way they feel at a certain event. 

This thing causes problems and messes things up in their head. According to several pieces of studies, it is proven that suppressing your emotions is not healthy, and you should always trash them out to release your tension. 

Enjoy The Current Moment 

You might just be lying on your bed or sitting comfortably on your sofa relaxing in your own certain mode when a bad memory of the past certainly hits you, and you just dwell yourself in the overthinking phase of all those what-ifs. 

Well, this can make things really unhealthy for your mental state and one way to snap out of it instantly is by reminding yourself that you are now in the present and what’s gone is gone as you cannot do anything about it all. 

So, try to live in the present moment and enjoy what is going on by appreciating and acknowledging every single thing around you. You can also keep a daily diary and give yourself some time for better outcomes. You can just let things be and witness how you will feel much more positive about life as compared to before. 

Be Gentle With Yourself 

One of the most common things that people do is that they go a little overboard, which can turn out to be quite overwhelming sometimes. When you want to bring some positive changes in yourself, going too hard on yourself is not the right option. 

This means that you need to take baby steps and try to focus on one thing at a time rather than trying to change everything in your life at once. Another thing that you need to do is to accept all your flaws with all your heart without getting into much hassle. 

If you still do not have any idea where to start from or what you can actually do, you can try to seek help from any professional who can certainly help you out to be on the right path and make the correct decisions without you giving yourself a guilt trip.