Shopping for men can be a nightmare. Your husband will tell you that he already has everything he needs, your son will forget to even tell you what he wants, and your friend will tell you that you shouldn’t get him anything for his birthday. Yet, when they receive a gift, they look and feel so happy about it. So why don’t they tell us what they want from the beginning? We don’t have the answer to this question, but we do have some suggestions that will help you choose the perfect gift for them. Take a look at these simple gift ideas that are suitable for most guys.


Men love technology (at least most of them do) and they enjoy gadgets tremendously. If your guy is a gamer, then you have all kinds of gift ideas to choose from. A gaming chair may be a bit pricey, but it’s worth the investment. They’re extremely comfortable, help improve posture, and look great as part of a gaming setup. 

You could also just ask him if there’s a game he’s been looking to buy, and get it for him as a gift. He’ll love you even more for it! Games now offer in-game merchandise and this content is giftable, so if he plays a game regularly you can buy him a new skin for his character, a subscription for the game, or something else along those lines. 

There are plenty of other ideas as well. Tablets are extremely useful, especially for men who work on the go, and some of them are very affordable. You can ask your boyfriend a million times if he wants earbuds, and he will probably tell you “no.” However, if you give him a pair as a gift, he will love it and use it regularly. Try to figure out what kind of electronics he’s most into, and it will give you some good ideas.



If you let a man wear the same pair of jeans for the rest of his life, he’d do it(until it gets destroyed). If you buy him a comfortable new pair that fits right, he won’t want to take it off. In other words, men love clothes as gifts. 

As a rule of thumb, men care most about their watches, ties, and shoes, especially when it comes to formal wear. There are countless kinds of watches that can work for any budget, though formal watches are more on the expensive side. Your guy may never know he needs a smartwatch until he gets one. 

One of the most underrated gift ideas for men is a new wallet. Men tend to choose their wallets carefully to hold all their money, credit cards, and bank cards in one place. They typically buy one and don’t replace it until it’s all worn out. However, there are modern wallets that are both practical and easier to carry. As seen on, some wallets can fit easily in your pocket without damaging the spine. A high-quality wallet will last your significant other for years.

You can also never go wrong with shoes as a gift. Contrary to popular belief, men love shoes as much as women do. If he is into running in the morning, you can buy him good running shoes, and if he wears a suit to work, then dress shoes might be a great choice. Needless to say, you can also buy him a nice jacket, a cool shirt, or anything else he’d want. Just be sure that whatever you get him fits his style. Leather bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses, messenger bags, backpacks, caps, and other accessories are simple yet awesome ideas to consider.

Interests and Hobbies

A lot of guys are really into their cars. You may even be in a relationship with someone who fits this description. If so, there are plenty of fantastic gift ideas. You can get a vacuum for his car, as car lovers tend to keep their cars clean all the time. Additionally, you can get him a phone charger, key finder, auto care products, sports equipment, or any type of car accessory. The great news is that almost everything is available online. For example, if he loves skating and you want to gift him a skateboard, you can simply log on to and choose from some wonderful options like mini cruiser skateboard, carve skateboards, double kick skateboards, etc.

Men don’t stop talking about their favorite movie, game, or series, and while it may get repetitive, we love their passion. Star Wars fans will appreciate any Star Wars-themed gifts, whether it’s a lightsaber (which most probably have already), a custom t-shirt with a picture, a mug, or any one of countless other ideas. Your guy may be interested in Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Die Hard, or something else. No matter what it is, it will be easy to find gifts with that theme; it just takes a little bit of searching. 

Depending on his hobby, you can find gadgets and equipment that he needs or an improvement over what he has already. For example, if he is a BBQ lover, you can put a smile on his face with a stainless steel grilling set, which can be even better if it’s personalized. If he likes to fish, he’ll love a cooler to put his catch in.

DIY Gifts

For more intimate simple gift ideas, consider going the DIY route. Men appreciate these gifts the most as they show that you care enough to make a gift all by yourself. A collage of your photos together, a mason jar filled with motivational quotes from you, a love letter written by you, or anything else you can think of are all perfect ways to make your guy happier. If you want more creative gift ideas like these, you can find tons of them on the internet and they cost little to nothing.

Yes, it can seem hard to find a unique gift for the special men in your life. But they’re actually pretty easy to please. All you need to know is what they are interested in and what they like, and you’ll be able to come up with thousands of gift ideas for them. Not only that, but you will also be able to find a great gift that fits perfectly within your budget. With these simple gift ideas, you will definitely see your man smiling from ear to ear.