Glass tables are the most common furnishing item in any room. You can find a glass table in a living room, kitchen, office, or even in a bedroom. People also use simple wooden or metal tables and cover them with glass tops for extra safety and to protect the glass table surface from moisture and liquid spills. Glass tops are a great way to protect any table which also adds more years to the table’s life. However, selecting the right glass top for a table is as simple as it looks to be. You need to consider many factors to choose the right top for your table. Following are some factors that you may need to consider when selecting a glass tabletop for your table.

Glass Type

The first thing you need to consider while buying a glass tabletop is the type of glass. There are many glass types available which you can consider to use as a glass top. Following are the details of each glass type.

Annealed Glass 

If you need the cheapest and simple glass top for your table then you can consider annealed or float glass. This is the most simple type of glass which doesn’t come with any features because when it breaks it shatters in large pieces which can be dangerous while collecting. So you can choose annealed glass for your tabletop if there is no risk of impact. Also annealed glass is less durable and can get scratched so it offers a small life span as compared to toughened glass. 

Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is also known as tempered glass. This glass is made by simply toughening float glass with the help of a furnace. The furnace heats the glass to a certain temperature and then it cools down gradually which gives extra strength to the glass. A toughened glass is twice as strong than regular float glass. Also, it comes with safety features because it shatters in small pieces which are less dangerous while collecting. However, toughened glass cannot be cut once it is tempered. Toughened glass can be a bit costly as compared to annealed glass however it has more durability. Also, it is scratch-resistant so it maintains its new look for a longer period. 

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is two panels of toughened glass that are joined together with the help of a transparent layer. The transparent layer holds the two glass panels together. It is the most durable type of glass and can bear many times more pressure than a simple toughened glass. It also comes with extra safety features because when its broken, its shattered pieces don’t scatter on the floor. The sticky layer between the two panels holds the shattered pieces together. It can be more expensive than simple glass however it has more durability.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is a type of obscure or translucent glass that comes with a blur or milky white look. So if you need a glass top that should not be clear then you can consider this glass type. 

Tinted Glass

As the name shows this glass comes with a colorful tint on glass which makes it semi-transparent. This type of glass is perfect when you want to match the color of your tabletop with the table or the room interiors. 

Glass Thickness

Another thing you must consider while glass top is the thickness of the glass. This is very important to choose the right thickness for your glass top because if you choose a thicker glass than what is needed, it may break due to the extra pressure. For example, if you just need a glass protector for a wooden or metal surface table top then a 6mm or 8mm thick glass will be sufficient for it. However, if the glass top is for a table stand and there is no surface support beneath the glass then the minimum thickness should be 10mm or 12mm. However, if the glass table size is too large then you must go for 15mm or 19mm thick glass.


These are the few factors that you may want to consider while buying a glass top for any table. Hope this information will be helpful for you to make an informed decision.