There is no event where flowers and greenery would be an extra decoration. The thing is that such decoration type is universal. All you need to do is just choose the suitable form of presentation, color palette, and integrity of the design solution.

Why flowers are perfect for any occasion? Well, the main reason is that there is nothing artificial, no falseness in flowers and other plants. It is difficult to find a more natural decoration than fresh flowers. Nature cannot be too much, it does not bother, it surrounds everyone, and, therefore, suits everything.

So, if you want to make your event unforgettable and make sure that every guest will be impressed, wholesale flowers are exactly what you need.

Where to Buy Flowers in Bulk Online?   

Everyone who is looking for a wide choice of offers and the best wholesale cut flower prices will be definitely satisfied with FiftyFlowers’ service.

FiftyFlowers is a progressive startup, which can offer you an enormous variety of bulk flowers to add a little magic to any event. A small team of enthusiasts who are really passionate about their business work without any middlemen shipping plants directly from the farm to the event address.

The company can offer customers such a large collection of wholesale flowers online (more than 2,000 positions) exactly because it delivers plants from farms. The point is that florist companies usually deliver orders from their own small greenhouse or one particular farm. However, FiftyFlowers cooperates with a global network of different flower farms. So, the choice that the company can offer is not limited.

Every flower type you know is presented in the FiftyFlowers catalog. Even more, there, you can find different kinds of each flower.

For example, if you are looking for sunflowers, FiftyFlowers provides such options as:

  • Ring of Fire Sunflowers
  • Red Tinted Teddy Bear Sunflowers
  • Chocolate Sunflowers
  • Lime Green Yellow Sunflowers

If you want to decorate your event with delicate baby’s breath, the company can offer you the following options:

  • Flower Million Star
  • Champagne Flower
  • Dried Flower Soft Purple
  • Dried Gypsophila Flower Dark Blue
  • Dried Yellow and others

Such a diversity of flowers guarantees that you will be able to find a suitable flower decoration for any occasion. Customers get the possibility to select from a variety of textures and color palettes (White, Ivory, Pink, Wine Red, Peach, True Green, Teal, Lavender, Gold, etc.).

FiftyFlowers provides a customized service and a great support team that will help you to find exactly what you need to make your event perfect.

Floral Décor Trends in 2022-2023 Season  

Of course, floristics, as well as any other industry, has its own tendencies, which change every season. If you want to stay trendy and decorate your event according to the latest fashion standards, you should consider the main floristics trends in the season when buying bulk flowers.

Let’s start with the color palette. In 2022-2023, florists should pay attention to such colors as white, green, yellow, and purple.

In addition, it is recommended for decorators, when making bouquets and arranging compositions with flowers, to consider the current season and its color palette and use seasonal plants.

The most popular flower this season is the well-known peony. However, not all kinds of peonies are trendy today — just two-tone types. The peony trend extends to mono bouquets and a combination of peonies with other flowers such as hydrangeas, succulents, and roses.

Do not think that the choice of the season’s main flower is boring just because there is only one leading flower type. There are peonies of a large number of various colors and shades, from burgundy and pink to beige and lemon. Their combination in one composition allows you to achieve a gradient effect — a smooth transition from light colors to darker ones. This is a great idea for event decoration if you are looking for stylish minimalism.

What is more, if you are not focused on the leading two-tone peonies, it is possible to find unique flower varieties with mottled coloring or a combination of several shades in one bud. 

Furthermore, peonies have a great original texture, which is suitable for large floristic compositions and photo zones made by decorators for weddings, birthday parties, and other grand events.

As for packaging and decorating the flowers, in this season, everything should be as simple as possible. What is interesting, the main reason for such a tendency is not a new fashion standard but the influence of the philosophy of conscious consumption.

Usually, any flower compositions and bouquets were decorated with a large amount of cellophane, paper, and plastic. However, today, florists try to refuse non-environmentally friendly packaging.

Today, there are three main flower packaging tendencies:

  • Kraft paper. Once, it all started with packing bouquets in plain paper, and now, the industry is slowly returning to this type of packaging again. Kraft paper is not just a cheap eco-friendly material. It is also a material that does not distract from flowers due to its neutrality and, therefore, suits any flower.
  • Fabric ribbons and ropes. Instead of holding the flowers together with an intricate, bulky foil and paper construction, it is better to choose ribbons or ropes. It is important to use only fabric reusable materials because they are environmentally friendly.
  • Boxes. Event decoration with flowers in boxes is quite popular today. First of all, it is convenient because transportation of such floral boxes is much easier and safer for flowers, and there is no need to search for vessels in which to place flowers. In addition, there are different sizes, shapes, and colors of floral boxes, which allows you to create an original decoration.   

Of course, it is not necessary to follow all industry trends when planning your event. Though, it could be useful to use the latest tendencies as tips. There are always a lot of descriptions, explanations, and examples of the relevant season trend, which you can use as inspiration for your floral decoration.