Promoting a business or brand can be hectic if you do not have a good strategy to do so. One effective strategy you can use is promotional items such as a bag for life. The bags are printed with the company logo and message and then given or sold to users who immediately provide a free advertisement platform as they carry them around.

Bags for life are commonly tote bags that are used to carry goods from the shop to home. Therefore, they are mostly popular in supermarkets, grocery stores, fashion shops, and other shops. However, they are nowadays used almost everywhere as people look for convenient ways to carry their stuff around. No wonder, it is called a bag for life.

As an entrepreneur, you can peg your brand promotion on these bags by designing impressive ones and giving them out in your shop. This guide will enlighten you on this issue.

Common Materials Used to Make a Bag for Life

A good bag for life should be strong, durable, and useful to make sure it is effective in advertising your brand. As an entrepreneur, you can provide your customers with bags for life made of these materials.

  • Cotton  – One of the most popular materials used to make bags for life or tote bags is cotton. It is strong, easy to brand, and attractive so that people can use them regularly. However, the cotton bags might be more expensive, so you need to plan well before choosing this as your branded promotional item.
  • Jute – These bags are strong and eco-friendly. Hence, they make amazing branded bags for life to promote a business. Most jute ones come in a natural colour with a branding message on the side to promote a business. 
  • Recycled fabric – Apart from cotton and jute, most other fabrics can be recycled to make branded bags for life. It could be denim, polyester, canvas, nylon, or any other. What’s important is to ensure that the material is strong, eco-friendly, and useful. Once designed and printed, you can rest assured it will serve the purpose. 
  • Non-woven materials – Although non-woven materials make great tote bags used for shopping, they are not as durable as the other materials we have discussed. However, they are still used to make a bag for life that can be used a number of times to carry goods and shopping purchases.

How to Design a Bag for Life

If you would like to use a bag for life to promote your business, then you should focus on an excellent design that is attractive and functional. Most sellers allow their clients to design customised bags from design to printed messages. Here is how to go about it.

  • Decide on a trendy design – If you have come across various bags for life, you will realise that they look similar. But if you are keen, you will notice a design concept. Typically, tote bags have one main compartment but may have a side pocket as well. When you want a unique design, think of creative straps, patterned edges, and a printed message. 
  • Choose a colour – These bags come in different colours, which makes it easy to include your business colours. For jute bags, which are commonly in their natural colours, you can incorporate your business colours during printing. You can also keep them simple by choosing neutral colours such as black printing.
  • Choose the branding message well – The most important thing when designing a bag for life to promote your business is the message to be printed. Is it your logo alone? Will you add your company name? Or will you have more information? Some entrepreneurs even add their websites and social media pages to increase traffic. 

Paying for Bags for Life

A good branded bag seller offers amazing packages to entrepreneurs, especially when they want to buy many promotional bags. Although some of them for life are costly to design, make, and print, you can still get a good discount depending on the number that you want. 

Check with the seller to know the cost per bag for life and compare that with your budget. If the budget is sustainable, then you may consider going for that option. The good thing is that you can pick different bags to balance the cost such as cotton and non-woven ones.

You must pay on time so that the seller can process your order and ship the bags on time. A simple delay can be costly, especially if your target is to distribute the bags at an event, major sale, or any other time. 

Benefits of Using Bags for Life to Promote a Business

Any business that sells goods can use a bag for life to promote their brand. Apart from being an effective brand promotion item, these bags have many other benefits. It is crucial to look at them to help you make the right decision.

  • Increase brand visibility – The biggest direct benefit of using a bag for life in your business is to make your brand visible to as many people as possible. The more useful and durable the bag is, the more the user will carry it and have people look at your brand name. You can make this even more effective by distributing as many bags as possible. 
  • Improve customer loyalty – Customers who are used to carrying your branded bags for life are more likely to become loyal to your business. Likewise, those who regularly see people carrying these bags are going to become interested and will want to be associated with such a popular brand. 
  • Grow your customer base and profits – The bottom line of making all these efforts is to make profits in the business. Bags for life are known to attract more potential customers, convert them, and lock them in; hence, you will have more customers over time. 

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons to use a bag for life to promote your products. Whether your business is new or old, you can effectively deploy these products and experience a lot of benefits from them. With the information above, you can buy the best bags for life and use them appropriately to take your business to the next level.