If you search for proper decoration for your walls, a wooden wall map is the best option to consider. There is a wide range of designs on https://enjoythewood.com/collections/3d-natural-color-maps, and you can always pick the one that matches your interior. A wooden map is not only beautiful. It also helps you in showing how much you love to travel and inspires you for future adventures. However, to make the map match your design, read these creative ideas.

Main Features

Before we start, let’s think about the major features of the wooden map on your wall. This piece of art is not only pretty. It has numerous advantages. Here are the most obvious pros:

  • Simple to install. You don’t need to hire anyone to adjust the map on your wall. All you need is to find the perfect spot;
  • Easy to clean. Unlike paint that can cover in the dust without any possibility to clean it, you can wipe the wooden map with a dry fabric;
  • Educational. You can learn about all the countries or states just by looking at the piece of art in your room. Enjoy the Wood offers luminous maps with different focuses on the water reservoirs, fauna, or flora. This is a perfect way to do your homework as well;
  • Inspiring. The map you see on your wall brings you multiple ideas on how to spend your vacation. It helps you to build plans and to achieve results. You can always put small decorative flags on places you’ve been;
  • Eco-friendly. The map is made of wood without any harmful substances used. Still, you should check it before purchasing. Don’t be afraid to ask the seller about the materials. To be eco-friendly, a wooden map should also have legal wood origin;
  • Perfect for different interior styles. Choose the color of the wood based on the colors of the walls. You can make your white walls look cozier by adding a light warm wooden map there.

Improving Room Space With a Map

A map is a classic choice for the home design we may all have had in the past. However, a wooden map is the new advanced décor option for modern homes. Its main function is decoration. At the same time, it has an inspiring meaning! A wooden map helps you to fill the empty space and add the professional design flavor. Here are some stylish ideas for your home:

  • Calculate the size you need. The wooden map must not be too bulky. If you want to hang it above the sofa, don’t let the map be wider. It may be slightly wider than a bed, though. Make sure you leave enough empty space between the furniture and the ceiling;
  • Color. While the wooden map is made of wood, it does not have to be in one color. There are numerous options, including different colors for each state or each country. You can pick a warmer or colder color palette. It still can have a classic unpainted design;
  • Illuminated or not. You may choose an LED illuminated world map for your bedroom or living room. It has a warm glow and can replace the lamp with a night light. Think about the color of the light in advance;
  • Pins. You can buy colorful pins to mark the countries or states you have visited. If you pick the neutral color of the map, you can even pin your favorite photos from adventures there. Just make sure it does not look too heavy in the room.

Tips for Installing Your Wooden Wall Map

The whole process of installing a wooden 3d map is fairly straightforward, but there are a couple of tips that will make this process a lot easier and ensure that the map is attached to the wall correctly:

  • Make sure you have enough time. You are going to have to attach a lot of wooden pieces to your wall and each one has its precise place. This process usually takes at least 2 hours but could take a lot more than that if you’re planning to do it with your kids.
  • Placement templates are essential. With the help of corner templates, you can ensure that your 3d wooden map will be aligned with the ground and that there is enough free space for it on the wall.
  • Use the tape sparingly. When you’re using double-sided tape to attach the pieces to the wall, ensure that you’re not using too much of it. This type of tape is fairly strong and even small strips will easily hold large wooden pieces. However, if ever decide to relocate your wooden map, you’ll be very sorry about using a lot of tapes when putting it up.
  • Use a real map for reference. Download a map app on your phone to check whether you are placing the pieces correctly. Only a genius can remember the whole world map in its entirety including all the smaller islands. It will also be a great educational process since you’re bound to find out something you didn’t know before.

Get Inspired

Before you enter the store and pick the map, find out the best ideas from the Internet. You can get inspired by these recommendations in the article or buy photos from Pinterest. Check out maps’ photos from the stores and reviews from the customers. After that, go to the room you want to decorate and try to imagine the map there. 

You should choose the color that fits your room. There are plenty of wood colors and their tones. Some of them may match with something wooden in your room. For example, it’s a good idea to choose the same map’s color as the room’s furniture has. If their tones differ, it will be a good match anyway! 

Do you see its color or size yet? Think thoroughly about the perfect decoration for your house.