Moving into your new home as a single lady is very exciting. You finally have the creative freedom to make your house a home, a perfect bachelorette pad. If you own the property, your interior design options are almost unlimited. As a renter you might not be able to make as many changes to the property, but there are still plenty of things you can do. 

Here are some of the many ways you can make your new home into your very own bachelorette pad:

1. Choose the right tone 

One of the biggest choices you have to make is what tone you want your home to have. The colour scheme often makes the largest impact. Tones like blues and light greens, for example, will give the room a cooler and tranqiil feel. Red will inject a sense of passion and energy, while purple brings luxury and creativity. Black brings power and mystery,and white injects innocence and safety. 

The colour scheme is also one of the easiest things to inject into a home, even if you are in a rented property. You don’t have to go as far as painting your own walls, or papering them, you can buy pillows, rugs and throws, to bring the colour into the house. Although, you do need to consider how the house is decorated. If the rooms are painted yellow, you may not want to add purple into the room too, but you can tone down the yellow with some whites and neutral shades.  

2. Invest in the essentials

There are a lot of different things you need to buy and invest in when you move into your own home. Most people aren’t able to afford the best of everything, so you need to pick and choose. Our recommendation is to invest in some of the essentials, but good quality bedding, for example. Because this is something you need and will get to enjoy every day. Also, when you invest in things like furniture, choose furniture that can easily be moved from one place to another and possibly be used for different purposes. 

3. Look for inspiration

Before you make any plans for redecorating, look online at things like pinterest for inspiration. Find interior design styles that you like and ones that will work in the space you have (and any current design styles implemented in the home. Collect a number of differnt images and if it helps, create an inspiration board. Inspiration boards are not only a great way to organise your ideas, but they’re also a great motivation tool. 

4. Plan your space

To really get the most out of your home and make it person to you, you need to plan how to use the space. As it’s your bachelorette pad, you can make it perfect for you without having to compromise on any of your girly needs. So if you want a walk-in wardrobe, or a dressing table for all your make-up, you can plan that into your space.  Think about what you use your home for the most, what you enjoy most in your house and make sure your new design style meets your needs. 

5. Think about the little things

The big things like large rugs and the colour of your walls do make a massive difference, but then so do the little things. The door handles, handles on the cabinets and draws in the kitchen, light switches etc. all make a massive difference, they’re all very simple to change (and to change back before you move out). 

6. Finishing touches

Don’t forget the finishing touches because these do make a lot of difference. Things like candlesticks, paintings, mirrors, photographs, ornaments, all of these will add a personal touch to your home and help you to make it feel like your own. As part of the finishing touches, you might want to add some belongings from yur previous home, to help you settle into your new environment right away. 

The important thing to remember is that this is your home, your bachelorette pad. You don’t have to think about what your partner might like, or your parents, or your friends, this is a place for you to really express yourself. So take this opportunity to make the space the home you’ve always dreamt of having and most likely won’t be able to have again if you end up moving in with another person and/or start a family.