Delivering top-notch quality care to your patients is essential as it contributes to their health, but also the improvement of the healthcare system. Nurses need to be trustworthy, have excellent communication skills, and have high emotional intelligence. They need to be knowledgeable and caring so that they provide the best care. 

If you are interested in following this career path, you are probably wondering how everything is going to be. You might be wondering how many years of school you should get to be a nurse practitioner or how nursing school is going to be. A lot of rumors surround these topics, so continue reading to find out more about the reality of studying in college to become a nurse. 

Reading and Studying 

Being a nurse is not an easy thing to do, as you need to adapt to each patient’s needs, and also have the medical knowledge to provide the best care. The field of study for nursing is a vast one and there are a lot of things you need to learn about. Expect to have a lot of materials to read and study. From textbooks and medical studies to a nursing study guide, nursing notes, and even patient charts. At times, you might feel overwhelmed and stressed by the number of papers you need to read and study, so you can get the help of your colleagues or tutor. They can guide you through the process until you find your techniques and flow. 

Part of the nursing study process is completing all kinds of assignments. You will surely have a lot of practical tasks, but a lot of theoretical ones too. Homework can sometimes feel overwhelming and you might feel you don’t have the skills or the time to complete everything. You might not always cope with the workload and this is why many students use nursing assignments by AssignmentBro online. Professional writers offer their help to students who are committed to their academic goals and want to become excellent nurses. 

The Interviews 

The competition to study nursing is quite fierce, so schools have to put a strict selection process in place to select the best students. The group of students who are interested in becoming nurses has to be quite strong as nurses are essential in the healthcare system. You might start feeling afraid or scared of the interview you need to take part in as part of the selection process. Apart from it, you also need to write an essay and have a good GPA score. But how is the nursing school interview taking place? A lot of students feel they might not pass it, but knowing what to expect helps you prepare better. 

Expect to get questions about your role models, your reasons for choosing a nursing school, and your core values. They would want to know what are you interested in a nursing career over other options or the reasons behind choosing their college over another one. They want to see how well you know yourself and if you have the qualities of an excellent nurse. This interview might sound scary, but you could see it as an experience. Do not be afraid to ask questions too, if you have any curiosities. This will demonstrate that you are really interested in becoming a nurse and that you are committed to your goals. 


Apart from all the practical experience, you will take part in and the theoretical knowledge you have to learn, you will need to go through some tests too. They take place all over the year and they aim to assess your knowledge, and of course, your practical skills. 

But, as nursing school is quite distinct from the other colleges, do not expect the tests to be the same. You might not need a pen and paper, but to do the tasks of a nurse. Your knowledge has to be vast and you need to learn how to apply it to specific cases, to choose the best option for the patient. So, expect your skills to be tested by these tests, as they aim to focus on specific skills and knowledge. 

Final Thoughts 

You might feel afraid to go to nursing school when you hear so many rumors about it. However, if you feel this is your passion, this is your true calling, then you should just pursue it. If you know what to expect, you can prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. You will go through an interview when you apply for a seat in the nursing school that aims to understand your reasons for doing this, and your core values too. 

During your study years, you will have a lot of materials to read and assignments to complete but also tests that aim to assess your specific knowledge and skills. It might be challenging at times and the workload immense, but you can also get the help of your colleagues, tutor, and professional experts.