Solo traveling has become increasingly common today. Whether for business trips, visiting a loved one, or tourism, there is so much satisfaction knowing that you decide where next to go. And who would believe that the higher percentages of solo travelers these days are women?

Statistics from travel agencies reveal that more females are traveling without partners than in the past decade. Notwithstanding, many who wish to embark on such expeditions are still afraid of doing so for several reasons. Top among them is the fear of being alone, followed closely by security issues.

All of these fears are well-grounded, but with guidance from us, you can deal with them. We hope to rid you of these fears and prepare you for your first solo voyage as we examine the best ways to travel alone as a woman.

Pack Only Essentials

Never forget that you will be carrying your luggage yourself throughout the journey. Hence, only pack what is needed and arrange your pieces of stuff to be as compact as possible. You may choose a hard-shell suitcase, which is becoming increasingly popular for travelers. There are innumerable hard shell suitcases online which come in different sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. They are also very durable, so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged during your trip. Plus, hard-shell suitcases typically have more storage space than soft-sided ones, so you can pack more stuff. For convenience, you may opt for a backpack instead of a travel box. First, your shoulders can bear more weight over a long while than your wrists. Again, it’s more compact than carrying several bags.

Additionally, a backpack has many compartments which allow you to group your belongings according to the order of importance. You wouldn’t have problems locating the things you need.

Never Forget Your Medical Kit

Your health should always be a priority when embarking on a voyage alone. You may have to drink some water from sources you cannot prove to be potable, an accidental cut, or other incidences that may jeopardize your health. What should be in your first aid kit? 

Here are a few things:.

  • Personal medications
  • Anti-diarrheal pills, because you never know what you’ll eat or drink on your trip
  • Pain killers to deal with headaches
  • Oral rehydration medicines in case you begin to stool
  • Insect repellant to keep bugs and dangerous insects away
  • Anti-malaria tablets
  • Sunscreen
  • Bandages
  • Variety of plasters, namely wash-proof, fabric, and blue plasters
  • Tweezers and scissors
  • Antihistamines to deal with allergens
  • Lightweight foil blanket to prevent hypothermia

Any other thing you count as most important to your health would be fine too.

Get a Journal and Use It

A journal is a valuable tool to talk to and relieve the day’s experience without appearing crazy. Besides, it helps you document pieces of important information. For example, the name and address of someone you’ve been referred to, description of places and phone numbers of newly-made friends, and many more.

You should buy one with a lock for privacy and a pocket to keep items like business cards and tickets.

Prepare for Immigration Requirements

Ensure all your traveling documents are complete and updated to avoid embarrassment. For example, you will need UK visas to travel around any country within the UK. Requirements will vary around each place you go. Acquaint yourself with whatever is necessary and get them ready before traveling.

Get a Travel Insurance Policy

Who knows what could happen along the way? Travel insurance safeguards you from costs arising from lost or damaged luggage, a stolen wallet, delayed or canceled flights, and other travel incidents. No matter how careful you try to be, occurrences like these happen, and you want to prepare for them.

Get a Map

You should download a map of wherever you wish to find your way around. It isn’t always good to leave yourself to the mercy of others to find your way. Where is the fun of traveling alone?

Thankfully, there are digital maps on electronic devices such as Google maps to locate where you are and where next to go. You can even find the nearest diner, hotel, salon, and other notable places on such maps and follow the location pointer to get anywhere you wish.

Study the Local Culture of Your Destination

If you’ve watched Indiana Jones, you may think anything goes for a solo traveler, but remember that he got into so much trouble too. Natives do not take lightly any act which violates their culture. The earlier you learn about them, the likelier you are to be accommodated by the locals.

Dress to Screen Attention

If you are traveling alone as a woman, you should not dress in any way that makes you stick out from other co-travelers. Wearing a wedding band is brilliant if you do not want the male folks to bother you. Flash it at any instance as a keep-off. Also, do not wear expensive jewelry, or you may attract crooks.

Make Friends with the Locals

Wherever you get to, find the nearest place for relaxation and mingle with the locals as much as possible. Tell them about your journey, as this can excite them and make them willing to help you on your journey. Discuss with them if language isn’t a barrier because you may learn some safety tips for that location.

Moreover, you can learn several things about the location from the citizens. They’ll tell you places to stay away from, and you may even get an offer for where to spend the night.

Mind the Information You Share

Do not give strangers the privilege of having private information about you or your movement. While you should make friends with fellow travelers, be wary of anyone asking too many questions about your intimate life.

Don’t share details like where you would spend the night, your next destination, and other things that can make it easy for anyone to trail you. Also, keep sensitive information off social media till your journey is over.

Trust Your Sixth Sense

Be security conscious wherever you are. That doesn’t mean you should be paranoid. Everyone has the intuition to know when danger is nearby, or something terrible is about to happen. Some women describe it as a sudden feeling of unease, and others describe it as a spontaneous urge to leave. We call it the sixth sense. You would need to cultivate it during your journeys.

Whenever you have such a feeling, leave the location at once. If you do not feel safe around someone, nicely turn down an offer for a drink, meal, or accommodation with a convincing excuse. If you sense a group of people whispering and stealing glances at you, calmly walk away from such settings.

Stay in Touch With Your Loved Ones

Traveling alone does not mean you should be unaccountable to someone about your movement. Danger pokes its head in the most unusual places, and you may need someone to come to your aid.

When arriving or leaving a location, ensure someone at home knows about it. Drop a voice note if you cannot put a call through.

Another thing is to share your location tracker with someone you trust before leaving home. Whatever the case, do not go off the radar of your family.

Give Allowances for Misfortunes

You can’t plan for every incident, and some occurrences may dampen your mood. Prepare your mind before leaving that every part of the trip may not be jolly. Sometimes you will feel like going back home because the journey doesn’t feel exciting. It’s all part of the experience.

Learn To Entertain Yourself

You’ll feel bored sometimes, and there may not be anything interesting to brighten your spirit. Do not forget to take something to pass the time and liven up. You should go with your music player, a tab to see some movies and other things that make you happy.

Be Confident

Traveling alone as a lady would test your ability to make crucial decisions. This is one of the lessons such adventure would impact at the end. Where do you sleep, who do you talk to, what do you eat, and when should you call the day’s adventure off?

The list of choices is endless, and you have to be decisive. Don’t beat yourself over options that do not work out as planned. Relax and consider them as part of your experience.

Know When to Call Off the Trip

Be strong, be bold, but know when to call the expedition quit. You may encounter challenges that you can’t bear. For example, for a medical issue, which your first aid pills can’t control, you should discontinue the journey and return home for proper treatment.

Final Thoughts 

There are several things to gain from traveling solo as a woman (Click here to know about the safest country for solo female travellers). First, you see the world in your own eyes and become bolder daily. There is also no denying that such trips help you discover yourself and gain autonomy. 

Meanwhile, you may need to consult an immigration lawyer for UK immigration advice if that is your destination. Finally, learn from your adventures and use them when planning your next solo trip.