The attraction is the magic that brings a man and a woman together before the thought of a relationship, and then marriage. During courtship, the object of attraction can still remain but does not always wax strong in marriage. After the wedding, there is the tendency that what you find attractive in your spouse and vice versa, wanes, it may fade away totally.

After the wedding, the real marriage begins and a lot of couples seek marriage counseling in Boulder and other parts of the world on being attractive to their spouses as ever.

The fact that attractiveness wanes among most couples after marriage at an alarming rate is indisputable, and many attempts have been made to correct such. How can a spouse continue to attract their partner?

Be you

There is nothing so great as being yourself. If you do everything to please your husband, you may start appearing too nice to him and this might bring about the perception that you are a pretender. Let him know that you can do wrong and be corrected. Being a little bad and a little good will never bore you guys, rather it makes you a 3D character along with your marriage plot. A series of marriage counseling in Boulder has laid emphasis on doing away with pretense.

Indulge in Healthy Sexual Exploration

Marriage is not the end of life. After marriage, you still need to  be sexually appealing to your husband. One thing about men is that they like what they see the same way women are tripped by what is said. Women can use appearance sweep men away just as men can use words to sweep women away. Do everything to make sure he keeps saying the things he used to say about you before marriage. Marriage counselors in Boulder have advised wives to ensure they invite their husbands for sex casually.

Appearance  Goes a Long Way

You should always appear neat and attractive before your husband. This might seem difficult after childbirth as many reports from husbands during marriage counseling in Boulder is usually about a wife who decides to be unhygienic while nursing a child or immediately after marriage. Nothing hurts a man more than the realization that he has married a pig instead of the angel he thought he had met.

Pamper him

Marriage Counsellors in Boulder have advised a lot of clients, especially wives who ignore the needs of their husbands after they were married. Most wives think that it would be difficult for their husbands to divorce them. Yes, it seems difficult but divorces happen. No one cherishes anything or anyone then their peace of mind and self-love. Shower him with love, gifts, surprise him with treats, prepare him his favorite dish and no one will attract him but you.

Let him know that you respect him. Every human always feels that they deserve some respect, so it is ideal you respect your spouse just the same way you want to be respected. It makes him feel great and get him attracted to you always. This is in line with most experts’ marriage counsellings in Boulder. Remember that respect is reciprocal.

Living with a man should be something a wife is prepared for, but during the marriage, wives encounter certain revelations about their husbands that they need to adjust to and these revelations demand that they take their husbands as they are, they cast away pretense.