It is one of the most beautiful and incredibly emotional experience for a couple, making love for the very first time. However, having first-time sex can be an intimidating experience too. If you are hoping to hit the jackpot in the first attempt then be sure of ruining the entire exercise. Instead keep your expectations to the minimum and enjoy each other’s company. Here are 10 things you should know to enjoy sex first time!

1. Setting the right mood

Inspire some thrill in your first sexual encounter by setting the perfect mood in the bedroom! Take some extra effort by choosing the right bed linen, cushions and even the lights. Keeping some aphrodisiacs handy and lighting the room with candles will surely make your experience an exciting one.

2. Keep your expectations minimal

Don’t raise your expectations! As we said earlier first-time sex can be a nerve-racking yet an enjoyable experience! It need not be the best night ever so do not feel pressurised. Remember this is the first of many such encounters and as a couple you are bound to get better with time.


3. Take it slow

No matter how well you know your partner, in the bedroom things may often take a different turn. Knowing each other’s bodies takes time and practice, so don’t rush. Physical intimacy often follows the emotional route; hold your horses before you plan to take things to the next level.

4. Feel sexy

Feeling nice and sexy in front of your partner may enhance your equation and thereby lead to a comfortable sexual experience. Shedding your clothes may not be easy the first time, therefore dress to feel sexy! Silk, satin and lace will work wonders for you as they are associated with sensuality and sexiness.

5. Take a Talk

In order to make your first sexual encounter a relaxed experience, engage in sweet conversations with your partner. It can be anything – about what feels good and what does not or even some dirty talk! Don’t feel shy about expressing your high and low point. Men like to hear what women crave most.

6. Indulge in foreplay

Unlike men, first-time sex is usually painful for women. So don’t forget to indulge in lots of foreplay before you get your main act together. At the same time, do not feel pressurized, instead enjoy and have fun. Foreplay is an essential part of your sexual experience and therefore arousing yourself aides in less painful sex.


7. Don’t fake it

Most women do not experience an orgasm the first time they have sex. This may be due to a variety of reasons. Whatever may be the case, do not fake it. You are not just cheating yourself, but your partner too in the process. Be honest with him about the experience; it will only keep him motivated the next time.

8. Breathe in and out

Again, first-time sex can be nerve-racking and painful and therefore breathing in and out during sex can help ease the situation. Take long, deep breaths in between to ease out the exercise.

9. Safety First

No matter how many times you have read about it, ensure safe sex with your partner. Although there is no such thing as entirely safe sex, you can make sure he is wearing a condom or you are on the pill. Make your sexual experience a pleasurable one by taking care of your sexual health too.