Establish a Budget

Wanting to budget your expenses and still get the right item, yet save an enormous chunk from your salary?

♦ The first thing is to have your goals. Think about that ideal engagement ring that you would love to purchase. Its size, features, the styles that you want to give to that someone special always matters. Always check for preferences and base it on what your partner wants. It will definitely save you a lot of time and effort once you already know what you want to buy.

♦ Always ensure your priorities. What’s the use of having a very beautiful ring if you’ll just end up having yourself in debt? Determine if there are other expenses that you need to pay first before deciding to take a leap to buy an engagement ring. You won’t want all of your salaries to just be intended to a piece of jewelry without you thinking about your other bills. Please know that a traditional cost of rings may end up taking up three months’ worth of salary, but of course, we don’t want you to spend too much. As long as you know what you’re looking for, it’ll be easier to check and be efficient enough to save.

♦ Make sure to have some savings for yourself. Remember, this is only the first step to a long-life commitment. You will still need to be prepared for the next level up when she ends up saying YES! So if you are on a budget you may consider buying less expensive rings. One of the options is waiting for sales or visiting auctions. But you always have to make sure that you buy rings in the right place such as IceCarats rings and get a certificate for your jewelry.

Marriage is surely something that you need to get your finances ready for. So, always make sure to have funds that you can use for future emergency situations.

Popular Engagement Rings Settings

Here’s a list of popular ring settings:

♦  Prong / Solitaire Setting –

This perfectly emphasizes the beauty of the center stone. It can consist of 4 to 6 prongs to secure the diamond that will be chosen. A traditional engagement ring, yet, one of the most gorgeous ones.

♦  Bar Setting –

This highlights the stylist way of separating the stones by small metal bars. Usually, a popular choice for wedding rings, as it magnifies the brilliance of the stones.

♦  Pave Setting –

Who doesn’t want an overall brilliance? With this setting, it allows you to see the gorgeous sparkle of the center stone, accompanied by the dazzling glitters of the accent stone on the ring’s band.

♦  Vintage Setting –

Beauty that never gets old. This projects a traditional enchanting look that gives you a sense of nostalgia with a mix of contemporary fashion!

♦  Halo Setting –

This setting provides an overall boost of brilliant to the center stone while embraced by a bouquet of diamonds. These are bigger and bolder compared to solitaire rings

♦  Channel Setting –

The set of diamonds is mounted into channels made of metal strips. Stones are formed like rows and can usually extend along with the entire band.

♦  Three Stone Setting –

Consists of three stones wherein the center stone is being flanked by the two smaller diamonds beside it. This can be popular on many occasions.

♦  Bezel Setting –

This setting displays the diamonds being wrapped by metal edgings which appear like a halo. This setting guards the stones better than other ring settings.

Choosing a Gemstone Shape and Precious Metal

Getting the perfect diamond shape illustrates the personal style of your future bride-to-be. The form of the diamond offers its own sparkle and affects the diamond’s brilliance. Diamonds are available in shapes like Round, Radiant, Oval, Emerald, Princess, Pear, Trillion, Baguette, Heart, Cushion, Asscher, and Marquise.

Precious metals like gold, silver, palladium, and platinum, vary its prices. Hence, the metal that you’ll be choosing will depend on your budget as well as to what your wife-to-be wants.

♥  Gold –

This is very malleable which makes it very easy to be melted mold into any shapes. There is Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold that you can choose from.

♥  Palladium –

White in nature. This metal is hypoallergenic. A rare type of metal with a 95% standard of purity and best for engagements and wedding rings.

♥  Platinum –

Same with palladium, this is also white in nature and hypoallergenic. Rare and more durable compared to any other metals. Also considered as the heaviest compared to other precious metals.

♥  SIlver –

Most affordable and often mixed with alloys. Has been used for centuries and originally more valuable than gold.


Having quite a journey with these tips? We want to make sure that we can help you out along the way. Putting up a decision to be engaged is a very important part of your life, so as much as possible, we want to provide you with proper guidelines on what to choose well for you have the perfect engagement ring, yet still have enough savings for yourself and for your future wife. You’ve found the one, make sure to make everything worth it!