Wouldn’t it be great if you could give different and unique braids hairstyle to your daughter every now and then before she goes to school or college? Isn’t it sounds perfect and your daughter would be so happy. Grace Gifford from Australia is one lucky girl who gets her hair done so beautifully by her mother Shelly Gifford. Shelley also loves to make Braid hairstyle on her Daughter’s Doll named Indie. The concept of matching clothes and same Braiding hairstyle of her daughter and her doll is just amazing. We have got some pictures for you from Shelley’s Instagram Page and I bet you would just love it.

Waterfall braid twists into 3 strand braids and ponytail

Valentines day Special


A dutch fishtail framed around the face

3 strand pull through braid

Braids with Heart

5 strand ribbon braids with a bow

Twists and fishtail

Side style

Hairband pull through braids


5 strand ribbon braid

5 strand ribbon braid headband

Matching Hair and Outfit

Criss-cross lace braids

4 strand pull through braid

All these photographs are taken from Prettylittlebraids Instagram account, follow them on Instagram for more such amazing Braids Hairstyle.