Milestones hold an eminent part in anybody’s life. However, if you are a girl, then these mean a little more, obviously. This list of celebratory days begins soon after she turns sixteen. Also, known as sweet sixteen, this phase embarks the onset of a celebratory life she is about to lead and whilst she can be your daughter, friend, or siblings, it is your sole duty and responsibility to go an extra mile and celebrate it just like she deserves it.

Of course, throwing a party is necessary but what matters is how you raise a toast to her special day. Party poppers, birthday balloons, ordering flowers, particularly those flower delivery in NYC and a birthday delight! And if you‘re thinking that a simple black forest birthday cake would pack a punch, well, following designer cake ideas for girls are sure to give you some motivation to go an extra mile for the special girl in the house.

1. Makeup Cake

Makeup Cake

She might have just turned sixteen. Although, her wishes to get dressed nicely and paint her face beautiful is up and running. And to celebrate this beauty of her, a designer cake baked in a makeup theme is all you need. You can choose cake ideas for girls from a vast range of flavors such as chocolate, butterscotch, pineapple, and get it delivered on time.

2. Stilettos Cakes

Stilettos Cakes

Make her say goodbye to all the sneakers and flip-flops as it is time to kick in block heels, wedges, and high heels in a delicious manner. That’s right, make her blow candles from a stilettos cake she would love to delve in.

3. Tiffany Box Cake

Tiffany Box Cake

Gucci bags and belts, Chanel bags and shades, Sephora Makeup kit, and Tiffany accessories, you think of one and it will be baked for the pretty lady. These fondant cakes are especially available to make hearts happy and you shouldn’t miss a chance on grabbing one for her.

4. Chanel Bag Cake

Chanel Bag Cake

Though she will be holding onto her school bag for the next two years, how about you gift her a Chanel bag cake which can delight her senses and at the same time make her happy?

5. Unicorn Cake

Unicorn Cake ideas for girls

A pure delicious reminder of childhood dreams, a unicorn cake is all you need. Bringing back memories of love and laughter, this cake in a rainbow of colors can spread vibrancy just the way she always wanted.

6. Starbucks Cake

Starbucks Cake ideas for girls

Hot Mochas, lattes, coffees, these all are becoming her thing. On her special day, how about you give her a taste of it. Tempting and luscious, this can be a pure addiction she would love to delve in.

7. Drum Musical Cake

Drum Musical Cake ideas for girls

To a free bird who loves to sing and play an instrument, make her fly in passion with drum musical cake or any musically inspired cake that can be the perfect decadence she would relish on her special day.

Now that you know the trending choices, go ahead make your order and send a cake online.